Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Look + New Photos

Guys, I'm obsessed with the new look of the blog.  I just can't stop starring. Isn't she pretty? The sidebar is my favorite part of the whole new look. I can't thank my bestest enough for this awesome new design.  This girl seriously just gets me. Erin - Picture me right now on my roof screaming THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

I switch back and forth between welcoming change and shooing it away and in this case I welcome the change.  It's a good feeling to get a fresh look and I thought now was the perfect time as summer gets tucked away and the sweaters and boots get brought out from our closets.  
I can't remember if I've told you all that I have been taking a Photography class or not, so for those that don't know, I'm taking a photography class.  I'm really taking an interest in this whole thing and I've got big dreams for taking this to some other level in the future.  I know I've got a long way to go but it's the first thing that I have felt passionate about in a long time.  If I've learned anything in my 25 years of life it's that passion = happiness. So I'm going to keep perusing what makes me happy! It's been fun getting to mess with different settings, try new angles and get different pictures.  My pups usually tend to be my test subjects but I'm totally okay with that.  

Here's some of my favorites that I have taken the past couple of weeks. 

Most of these are shot in apature priority, which is my favorite setting to get that blur effect in my pictures. Anyone else love shooting in apature?

Peace & Love Friends!


  1. These pictures are fantastic, and I'm really loving the new look!!

  2. I LOVE the new look! Your pictures are gorgeous! What camera do you use? I'm looking to get a DSLR camera, but have no idea what to get!

    Crumbs & Curls

  3. So, so excited about the new look! Erin did such a great job and it's TOTALLY you. (I mean, obviously, your sis designed it haha.) It looks good and it's such perfect timing! PS: I'll totally be your model for photo class!

  4. Love love love the new look!!! The colors are amazing. Also, your pictures are BEAUTIFUL.

  5. Love your shots and AP rocks ! :)

    ~ Lu

  6. Very nice photos!! Aperture priority is great for blurred backgrounds, I used it a lot in the beginning, but I don't think it works well with landscape photos, at least not for me. I've tried anything because I had a problem with sharpness. I started using manual mode with manual focus and now I use that for everything as long as the lighting is enough.

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  8. Beautiful pictures the dogs are the cutest :)