Thursday, June 26, 2014


If you could see the pimples on my face right now you would know that it a) means it’s that time of the month or b) Meg’s stressed.  It’s not a) so that leaves b).  I know I’ve mentioned that I have a lot of personal things going on that I haven’t been able to share with everyone.  To be honest I hate that I can’t share it with you because, well too many of my IRL people read this thing, I think anyways.  This is the reason that my mind hasn’t been able to get any thoughts out and hence my disappearance from this place. 

What I will say is someone I know very close to me is making the biggest mistake of their lives and they are in complete denial over the entire situation.  Every person on the outside sees it except the person.  I’m torn between just sucking it up and supporting them or just coming out and saying exactly how I feel.  But that second option could completely ruin our entire relationship but at the same time I feel wrong just sitting back and doing nothing.  I don’t want it to be about me and I feel like that’s how it comes across but it’s not.  This person means so much to me and I know that it really is all being rushed and they aren’t taking time to see the entire picture.  Do I just sit back and just let it all happen?  I can foresee me being an emotional basket case by supporting this and just making the entire situation worse. 

I'm torn. I'm torn because I don't know what the right and the wrong thing are here.  I'm torn because I don't want to hurt this person and I'm torn because I don't want to sit back and do nothing.  I'm being pulled in every which direction and I can't make out my jumbled thoughts with a clear mind.  

My family has been through a lot and we are constantly tested.  No matter what though, we get through it and become stronger as a family.  I feel as though my only option is to be there for this person because in the long run I might just regret not being there for them.  And as much as I just want to scream at the top of my lungs and tell them “YOU ARE GOING TO RUIN YOUR LIFE,” it’s not my life to ruin and it’s not my mistake to make.  This person means a lot to me and I hope that they know all I want is nothing but the best and happiness for them.   I know this is all vague and I’m really just trying to get my thoughts out because it’s been eating me alive. 

To end this whole vague and unclear rant, where you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, I’m thankful for having such a great support system.  I’m thankful for my amazing boyfriend who constantly listens to me sob and punch the air to get my frustrations out, for my friends both old and new who let me vent, give me some great advice and make me laugh,  I’m thankful for my family and no matter what we will be stronger than ever and lastly I'm thankful for my pups for always knowing when I need a good snuggle.  It is these people that help keep me going when life gets hard and complicated.  I love each and every one of you.  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Life Lately

1.  This morning I decided to stop at Starbucks because I was just really, really tired.  I went against my norm of a Skinny Vanilla Latte and went with the Iced Peach Tea Lemonade and it was seriously life changing. 

2.  On Friday I had every intention of staying in but yea that didn’t happen.  The bf was in a golf tournament that went from Thursday to Saturday and Friday they had a big party.  It actually ended up being fun and I got to see some people I haven’t seen in a while.   Did I mention there was dancing involved?  Yea, I might have broken it down a few times or so.  I might have also had a tad bit too much to drink.  It had nothing to do with the shot of jaeger I had of course. 

I'm only semi embarrassed for taking a mirror selfie.
My thoughts on the below picture:  Phil looks like a pimp, the other couple are just about the best thing ever and really Meghan with that position?

3.  I can’t get over how stinkin cute my niece and nephew are.  I went down to Indy to spend some time with my SIL, while my brother was helping some friends move.  We went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch, which honestly was a nightmare because the kids hadn’t had naps yet.   If you have had ANY experience with toddlers who haven’t had naps yet, you get where this is going.  Poor lil guy had a 30 minute melt down outside the restaurant.  Meanwhile I was still inside with my niece trying to get her to eat.  Finally, I packed up all our food and met them outside so we could head home.  They took naps while Jody and I watched She’s All That.  And can I just say that movie wasn’t as good as it was when it came out in 1999.  Actually, was it ever good? 

These are some snaps I took after their much needed nap time. :)

4.  Saturday night I ran the Neon Dash with Mel and Car.  I’m honestly so thankful to have these ladies in my life.  Thanks social media & bloglandia! So my thoughts of the race are summed up pretty much dead on by Mel and Car so I would go read their race cap if you are interested. 

5.  I had my first sleepover with girlfriends in forever.  Seriously, it was pretty great.  After the race we got cleaned off, put jammies on and all snuggled on the couch watching The Hills.  I can’t remember the last time I have done that.  I of course was the first one to pass out.  Now I’m known as the chick that falls asleep first.  Whatever, I could have a worst reputation. 

6.  Floaties are maybe one of the best inventions.  Most of Sunday was spent on one with Car and Mel at the pool with a Blueberry Woodchuck.  Again that might be one of the best inventions too. 

7.  I’ve been the slacker of all slackers lately.  I’ve had a to do list as long as my arm and I’ve only managed to cross off a few of those items.  Yesterday I managed to half cross off the laundry and folding.  I say half because I still have two loads in and about 3 more to do including towels, sheets and bedding. 

8.  I’m beyond frustrated because my computer won’t recognize my RAW files.  I’ve downloaded the converter and everything and I’m still having issues.  Right now I’m downloading them to Picassa, putting them in google and then saving them to my computer.  By the time they are uploaded to my blog and Facebook they are grainy and the quality sucks.  HELP.  I don’t know if it’s my computer or what but if you have suggestions let me know. 

9.  I’m already stressed about the 5+ weddings I am attending.  I’m not even sure why I’m stressing but I am.  I guess it could be a compilation of money concerns, traveling, taking time off, what the heck to wear and not knowing when some of them are taking place.  I’m a constant worrier and some things are out of my control so this is when I need to be like “Meghan, calm down and just go with the flow.  Weddings are a happy time.”  Phew okay, I already feel better.   Sometimes you just gotta write things down and let it out.

10.  MOM AND MARTHA WILL BE HERE IN -8 DAYS!  You know I’m excited when I pull out the CAPS.  They are going to be staying with us from July 2nd to the 8th.  

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Day In The Life

This week has been an emotional roller coaster for me and every time I try to write, nothing wants to come out.  It's like okay brain why are you so empty up these days?  Personally, I've had a lot of behind the scene things going on and while it's not my place to really discuss it, I will say that my family could have a reality tv show.  

Moving along, I had tweeted yesterday that I just haven't been able to bring myself to write lately and Brittney, over at Happy Is a Choice told me they were doing this link-up.  It just seemed to be the perfect thing to do!  So I don't want to bore you with my every day life because it would mostly consist of driving, looking at my computer screen, g-chatting with my girls Erin & Mel, snap chatting Rachel, more computer screen and then more driving.  Are you asleep yet?  

I had actually been meaning to do something like this and on Friday had taken pictures so really it's perfect that this all happened to fall in place.  Friday I took a "Me Day."  For those of you that don't know what a "Me Day" is, basically it's when your head is going to explode and you need to take a day to "do you," for not only your sanity but everyone around you as well.  

Here's my "A Day In the Life:  Me Day Addition.  

The boyfriend left for work around 6, so that meant that Dragon and I went back to bed and snuggled for a while.  She seriously is the best little snuggler in the mornings.  It was nice not to have to rush out of bed.  And I'm sure everyone wants to see what I look like when I first wake up, so there ya go.  

The rest of the morning Dragon and I sat ourselves in front of the couch and watched The Real Housewives of Orange County.  I even had Popcorn for breakfast, boom chicka boom boom! :) Dragon slept alot, she must do a lot of sleeping during the day when I'm not home, either that or she was bored by the drama on Housewives.  Either way I didn't mind.  Once I was all caught up, I figured it was time to get out of the jammies and head into the shower. 

On Thursday I had come home to a package from Mary, Phil's sister, which just about made my day.  In it it had this cute elephant top and matching elephant necklace and earrings.  In my head I was like this would make a perfect new profile picture for my blog.  I got out the tripod and got to try out my new wireless remote.  The thing is, I take terrible pictures.  I posed the same way in all 200 or whatever photos I took.  I have no idea how to pose.  HELP A GIRL OUT!  I'd much rather be behind the lens then in front of it.  These were my top 3 favorites.  So send some pointers my way because I need to learn how not to be awkward.  Not sure if there is a cure for awkward but if you know it, please let me know! :)

After my awkwardness of a photo shoot I felt a bottle of wine was well deserved.  I mean it is 5 o'clock somewhere after all.  I was also still admiring all of my elephant goodies because I it was so thoughtful of her to think of me.  Dragon and I sat out there for a while just drinking wine and then she decided to go crazy when she saw another dog and ripped one of our screens. I was not a proud pup mom at that moment.

After that whole pup fiasco I had to put Dragon inside and then I finally started The Fault in Our Stars, which I could not put down.  Special shout out to my blog best Mel for sending me this, you make my heart smile, that is all.  The boyfriend also texted me that he was going to play hooky in the afternoon.  Score!

The boyfriend wanted to go golfing and I was totally okay with tagging along so I could drive the golf cart because I seriously think I'm 14 years old sometimes.  It was a total win win situation because I got to read my book and be outside and Phil got to play his golf, yet we got to be together.  

The club has really good food so I invited my friend Lindsay to join us.  I had a few glasses of wine, Lindsay and I split Kickin Shrimp and I also had a crab cake. It was all pretty dandy if I do say.   We ended up staying after dinner for a while because we kept running into people we knew.  

It was after 10 by the time we got home.  We did the normal duties of letting the dog out, brushing our teeth and putting on our jammies.  I gave the man a few kisses, rolled over on my stomach and passed out watching some show on hgtv.  We called it an early night because we knew we had a busy day on Saturday.  Who am I kidding, we call it an early night a lot!

There's my Day In the Life: Me Day Addition, now go link up with Brittney and Rachel

Rachel Rewritten

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Give Them A Chance

I really didn't know that a dog could change my life but it happened.  She has taught me so many things, patience, responsibility, unconditional love, gratefulness, joy and my favorite of all don't judge a book by it's cover.  It's so often people come up to me and can't believe that I have a Pit Bull, "those dogs kill don't you know?"  I simply respond, "she kills me with kisses."

They are such a misunderstood breed with a negative reputation.  But it’s the owners who are at fault for this.  Sick people train these dogs to fight and kill for entertainment and money purposes.  In all reality you can train any dog to be aggressive.  A label gets slapped onto the Pit Bull that these dogs are killers.  In a less extreme case, owners often teach these dogs to be aggressive to give them that tough reputation.  Pit Bulls are not for everyone and neither are Chihuahuas or labs, they are high energy, loving, extremely loyal and take the right kind of family to properly train them. 

It all makes me upset because Pit Bulls deserve a chance and deserve a new label.  It’s unfair to judge an entire breed based on a few instances, which can in most cases be traced back to the negligent owner.  As a Pit Bull lover I want to help spread awareness that Pit Bulls are good. Here are a few stories across the board of Pit Bulls doing good in the world. 

Cobain, A Pit Bull who was on a walk with his owner sniffed out and found a distressed elderly women laying in a ditch.  

Titan, A Pit Bull who saved his Owner from dying from a brain aneurysm by alerting and blocking the husband who was about to leave the house.

Peaches, the Pit Bull Therapy dog who went to the Boston Marathon to lift people’s spirits.  

Chako, stepped in after his owner was in harms way by her abusive partner, risking his own life to save the women. 

Lastly I want to share the story of the Pit Bull, Tank who, with another dog saved a girl from drowning. 

One common theme is loyalty.  These dogs are so loving and devoted that they would do anything for anyone.  The next time you think about a Pit Bull think of them as loyal, hilarious, heroic, loving, snuggler’s, people pleasers, athletic, kissers, misunderstood, great with kids and trusting. And who doesn't love a dog that smiles? :)

Maybe you’ll even think of rescuing a Pit Bull yourself. :) She may be lucky for getting another chance but I'm the lucky one because she has forever changed me for the better. I know that sounds cheesy but there hasn't been a day that she hasn't made me smile.  I can't imagine owning another kind of dog, especially because there are so many just waiting for a happy home and a second chance.  

#RescueAPitBull #Pitbull #AdoptABull

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Time for that weekend recap business.  So rewind back to Friday.  The boyfriend and I went to First Friday in Fountain Square.  It's a way to tour around the city and check out some awesome art.  Typically it's a pretty popular event and has a big showing but I have to say it seemed more died down then usual.  

Afterwards we grabbed dinner and drinks and ended our night at a Comedy Burlesque show. Not sure how that happened, okay okay, it happened because I really wanted to go.  It's something different and I'm always willing to go check out new things.  This show in particular wasn't my favorite.  I was actually disappointed.  Womp womp womp.

The good news was we did come home with some awesome new art from Two Thirds Studio.  I love it because it just adds a great pop of color in our entry way.

Indianapolis Indiana

Indianapolis Indiana

While Philip was busy cleaning the house and hanging pictures (I know I picked a winner), I headed down to Indy to meet up with Mel and Caroline after they ran a MINI MARATHON. Huge props to these two because for one I can't run more than 3 miles and 2 the heat and two the humidity and heat were ridiculous on Saturday.  They are awesome, way to go ladies!  

We snacked on chips and salsa and spent the rest of the afternoon lounging by the pool and floating on our noodles.  It was a solid day!  I'm so happy to have met these two through blogland!  

Later that evening Lindsay, her sister Kayla, Phil and I went to a Boxing Match.  For those that don't know I'm pretty bad ass because I box. :)  I don't do the whole hitting other people thing because hello I'm not for the "my face is busted look."  It was really interesting to watch and it also helped connect why my coach has us do some of the things we do.  The age group ranged from 8 to seniors in high school.  

Sunday ended up being a pretty productive day.  My mom had given me a Lowes gift card for my birthday.  After several hours in Lowes we ended up coming up with some pots for the front, flowers and new cushions for the porch.  Phil and I don't really know what we are doing when it comes to gardening and not to mention we have different opinions. After some advice from a helpful sales women, we were able to figure out what we wanted.  

The porch needed a major face lift. We got out the vacuum and cleaned up the porch and furniture.  I sanded the table and painted the table and wooden chair to give the space a pop of color.  I will be the first to say I don't love the cushions but I think they do help give the space a fresh new look.  It's a amazing what a little soap & water and paint can do for a space!