Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Crazy Life

My gosh, I don't even know where to begin, seeing as I have been completely missing in action for far too long.  So much has been going on lately, I'm just not sure where to start. 

Last time I posted, which feels like FOREVER ago I shared with you my Part 1 visit from my Mom's visit.  Part 2 will be coming up any day now because I know you are just dying to know all about the fun we had.  Okay, maybe that's just me that's excited.  

Anyways moving on, so I guess I will start first with I left my job as a Receptionist/Project Admin Assistant at the Architectural Firm.  To be honest I was bitter sweet about the whole thing.  In some way I was sad to leave some great co-workers, as well as I had some pretty great benefits. On the other hand I was driving two hours every day (10 hours a week) and we had been really slow for a while, which means I'm super slow.  It was time to make a change and it's something that I had been thinking about for awhile.  The drive was really just wearing me out and I believe it was a big reason for my lack of motivation and energy that I have been experiencing.  

I decided to take a week off before my new job started, pretty lucky it worked out that way. Phil and I went out of town for a long weekend to St. Louis and I will recap this soon because it was such a good time.  I don't want to forget the great memories we shared together.  So also stayed tuned for that.  

The rest of the week off was spent doing various things.  And I can't believe how fast it all went by.  I went to a YPO (Young Presidents Organization) get together with Phil and went out to dinner afterwards with friends.  

On Thursday I went for lunch down in Indy with my old roomie Amy.  It was so great to catch up with her because it has been such a long time.  The server even talked us into taking a Mystery shot, also known as The Orgy.  It was pretty awful if I do say, but we had a Summer Shandy to help wash that god awful shot down.  

Afterwards I met up with Car and Mel.  Marci, Mel and myself had been secretly putting together a little surprise gathering for Car's birthday.  First we headed to get some Bubble Tea and also went to Mel's tattoo appointment.  I actually had her tattoo guy look at a tattoo of mine that I wanted to see if he could either fix the poor thing or somehow cover it.  NEVER GET A TATTOO THAT YOU DIDN'T EVEN LIKE THE TRACE OFF. I really don't know what I was thinking, anyways that's for another day.  Afterwards we went to Brother's in Broadripple for Mug Night.  If you had a Mug from Brothers, Beers and mixed drinks were 2 bucks.  Yes please.  

During the vodka and lemonade and an appetizer I got a call from my boyfriend that the Police had my wallet.  I thought it was a sick joke and he was playing a p on me but that wasn't the case. So great, I didn't have my ID or my money.  I can't tell you how many times this stuff happens to me. Where is my brain sometimes?  Don't answer that.   It ended up being a blessing because Marci, Car and I could run and go get it and Mel could go set up the drinks and snacks for Car's Birthday.  

The best part of the night was taking goofy photos and going for a night swim.  I don't think I have jumped into a pool that many times in my life.  We may or may not have gone topless in the pool, but i'm going to keep my lips sealed on that one.  I of course was the first one to pass out while watchinf a movie.  I blame my mother because she does the same thing.  

Friday afternoon and Saturday was spend at my brothers.  Spending much needed time with them.  My nephew has me completely wrapped around his finger, the bond that I have for him is like no other.  My little niece is such a little princess. It adorable watching her play with her doll house and spin around and dance.  The both just melt my heart. 

Later that night I headed back home and the boyfriend and I went over to our friends house for a BBQ and bonfire.  I was responsible for starting the fire, after all I do have an Outdoor Recreation Degree and have spent many  times starting camp fires. Sadly, I haven't gone camping in two years and I was feeling the pressure to get a bomb diggity fire going.  I was damn proud of myself because it all came flooding back to me and I had a great fire going in a short time.  Success.  

Lastly, this week I started my new job at a Manufacturing company as the Administrative Assistant.  It's only been three-ish days but what I am loving so far is the 15-18ish minute drive. I can't tell you how flipping nice it is too be home before 4:30.  I feel like I have a whole other life now.  

When I start getting into my new routine hopefully I will have a better hold of this little space of mine. Until then just bare with me and know that I'm not disappearing from these parts. And my goodness you have lots coming your way.  So be excited! 

M&M Trip Part Two

If you haven't read Part One of M&M's then read here first and catch up! 

So the real reason my parentals came for a visit was two help these home owner newbies.  I'm speaking about myself and Phil.  Okay, so it wasn't really the real reason but it was a big part because they offered to help us out a while back.  You see home ownership is a fucking lot to handle.  You think its all cupcakes and peanut butter balls. Then BAMMM in comes your dog and eats everything.  Anyways, I was having a hard time keeping up with everything/suck at landscaping.  

My mom and Martha are awesome when it comes to yards.  We spent about two days tearing things out, replanting, planting, mulching, digging and sweating.  I went to Lowes more times than Erin pees and for those that don't know, it's a lot.  

The next step was to get the gutters replaced, which we accomplished a few weeks ago. Yes I know, I've majorly been sucking at this blogging thing this summer.   Now all we want to do is to get the house painted.  Not sure that it will actually happen this year but maybe next spring we will actually decided on a color.  Keep your fingers crossed that we actually agree on something.  :)

Oh and the great blogger I am forgot to take "before" pics.  Ughhh. 



Sunday was a pretty worthless day because we were all wiped out from the previous days.  We did manage to make it out on the golf course.  I should say they did because I did what I do best, which is drive the golf cart and drink beer.  It's the best kind of golfing. Movies and snuggling was pretty much how the rest of the day and evening went.  

On Monday (7/7) we managed to gain back some strength and decided to tackle my closet.  We went to every single store in town to gather things for organization.  Apparently I'm picky because after a month in a half I still can't find bins for my scarfs and accessories.  I've got the "before" and "during" pictures but it's still in progress.  I'm trying to find the perfect bins, if they exist.  Hopefully, I will have it completed before there is snow on the ground.  I might just have to settle for bins that I like and not love.  I really need to tell myself that it actually isn't that big of a deal.  

After dinner on the porch we played a few rounds of Ticket to Ride, aka the best board game ever.  This is when it started setting in that they were leaving the following morning. It was such a good trip, even with all the stress my family had being going through (the stuff that I can't really talk about on this space).  

I can't thank them enough for all that they did for us not to mention it just makes me the happiest being around them.  I won't lie, I was in a funk for two weeks after they left.  I think what makes it so hard is not knowing when I am going to see them next.  This whole living 10 hours away thing is getting old.  Thank goodness for facetime because I don't know how I would survive not "seeing" my mother.  Yes, we just about speak everyday, my mother isn't just my mom she's my heart and soul.  
Anyways, now I miss them again and I'm going to go call them and cry.  Buhh bye.