Tuesday, July 22, 2014

M&M Recap: Part One

*Picture overload #sorryimnotsorry

I've got a lot of catching up to do, being as it is July 22nd and I've yet to recap about M&M's trip. Oops.

Rewind back to July 2nd (Wednesday), Mom and Martha were making the 9 1/2 hour drive from Upstate NY to spend the week with Phil and I.  They actually got to my house before I did and the two of them AND Phil were all matching.  Totally unplanned by the way.  We sat on the porch had some beers and cheese before heading to dinner at Casa Brava for Margaritas and Mexican.  Meanwhile, my mom brings a sweater with her to dinner and then we were twins. Everyone was on the same creepy wave length.

Thursday I worked a half day, so that way Mom and Martha could have the morning to themselves and sleep in if they wanted. For lunch they met me up in Fort Wayne at our NEW FAVORITE SPOT, The Oyster Bar.  It's a cute old saloon from the 1800's, there isn't much seating but we went for lunch and during the week so we found outdoor sitting.  I can imagine at dinner time it gets really busy.  We were a little hesitant checking out seafood in Indiana because well Indiana and seafood just doesn't go together.  We were pleasantly surprised and will be coming back next time they are in town! I don't have a bad thing to say about this place, everything we had was TO DIE FOR and the server was one of the best that I have encountered.  I ate my weight in oysters, holy goodness overload.  I'm thinking I need some of that in my life again right now.

Oh and my mom and I matched AGAIN.  

After a few pit stops, we made our way back home.  We ended up hanging out in the back yard for a majority of the afternoon, drinking beers and giving some much needed attention to the yard.  Later that evening friends came over and we sat on the porch laughing our asses off and telling stories.

My brother and his family came up on the 4th.  It was great having everyone over to our house and was one of my favorite moments.  The kids kept us busy playing golf, running around naked in the pool, playing with bubbles, riding bikes and just being cute.  Also the matching game continues! :)  The adults partook in adult beverages, corn hole, eating and naps.  Seriously though, my brother took at least 2 naps. Reason #199 why I'm not ready for kids, holy crap are they exhausting little creatures! Dragon enjoyed having everyone there and discovered that she loves kitty pools!  It was so fun watching her run in there with the kids and just lay down to cool off.  

Later we headed into town to go get ready to watch the fireworks.  We luckily found a great little grassy area to spread out our blankets and take over.  Fireworks aren't as exciting as they once were 15 years ago.  The best part was watching the kids faces light up.  

Doesn't he look so cute with a baby stroller? :)

I've never attempted the whole photographing lights in this kind of way before.  Oh dang, I need A LOT of work.  It was definitely fun messing with all the settings but I have no idea what I am doing other than what I found looking up "how to's" on google.  

This is where I will end Part One so stay tuned for Part Two later this week (maybe)! :)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday How I Love Thee: Blogmopolitan Quiz

Friends life is good, it's Friday the weather is amazing and I've got fun weekend plans ahead. Oh and after hours and hours of arguing planning the boyfriend and I finally booked are mini vacay to St. Louis, MO.  I never thought I would end up visiting Missouri but I am actually pretty flipping excited about it.  What I'm most excited about is just spending some quality time with the man since the two of us have been so busy lately.  Anyone been there before?  Would love to hear about some great places for us to check out!

Last night, the boyfriend and I went on a little family outing with the pups, after the workout that made me puke of course.  Our little town just started doing Music in the Park, every Thursday during the Summer.  It was our first time checking it out and I was so pleased with the whole thing.  

And because I feel like 17 again I participated in my first ever Blogmopolitan Quiz by my bestest, Erin over at Two Thirds Hazel.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hump-ty Dump. Hump Hump De Dump-ty Dump-ty

Life has been anything but calm these past few months.  I’ve been vaguely sharing some tid bits with you and now that it's confesh sesh Wednesday with Kathy I gotta jump in. 

1.  I didn’t go to New York this weekend.  I had every intention of going with my girl Mel but something came up and I totally get it so last, last minute we didn’t end up going.  It would have been 20 hours of driving in a weekend.  That makes me tired just thinking about it so I was almost kinda happy not to do all that driving.  I know it would have been fun road tripping and getting to see my friends and family but it’s just too much for a weekend.

2.  I went jet skiing over the weekend and I just can't stop thinking about it!  GIVE ME MORE!

3.  My middle brother got married on Sunday and I didn’t go, as well as a few other family members.  Hence my reason for trying to go to New York because that’s where the wedding was taking place.  Now I’m sure a lot of you are thinking a)” you didn’t go to your brother’s wedding?” b) “How could you miss that?” c) “Aren’t you going to regret not being there?”  It’s all a long, complicated, clusterfuck of a shit show story that could be a reality tv show, I have been avoiding sharing, which I’m still going to avoid.  Maybe someday I will but for now I’m just upset about the whole situation and hoping someday that my family can get through all of this. 

4.  I’ve been trying to plan a vacation for me and the man but sometimes planning a vacation with him is the hardest flipping thing ever.  He’s not a planner and doesn’t like to make decisions.  Me, I love to have things planned out and semi know what the hell is going on, not like OCD status or anything. Like him I don’t necessarily like to make the final decision without his approval, as in "YEA THAT SOUNDS GREAT BABE THANKS FOR ALL YOUR PLANNING".  Last night I tried to get it all together and spent hours looking up places to go, stay and do which was basically a waste.  From now on I’m just going to book it and just not even bother tell him what the plan is till it’s actually time to leave for the vacation.

5.  The other night Phil woke me up THREE different times because I was snoring so loud.  Talk about embarrassing.  Isn’t it usually the guy that snores so loud that it keeps the women up?  I have to wear breath right strips but sometimes I forget to put them on, like the other night and not to mention it gets expensive when you have to wear those all night.  Poor boyfriend, the things he puts up with! :)

6.  To end on some super exciting news I have accepted a new opportunity and will be leaving my current job.  I’m excited most about not having to commute two hours every day!! I feel like I will have a whole new life Monday thru Friday because I won’t be sitting in the car for 10 hours.  I’m super sad to say goodbye to the people that I currently work with but this is the best thing for me right now. 

Vodka and Soda

Friday, July 11, 2014

Oh Hey Friday!

My life has been absolutely insane the past couple weeks, sometimes I think I could actually be on a reality show and make lots of money off of my life.  Any who, Friday posts just rarely happen and today I felt like linking up with Karli at September Farm for Oh Hey Friday Link Up. 

Oh Hey Friday, you're crazy...

1.  Mel and I are road tripping to Upstate NY tonight.  It was a last minute decision.  Last minute in we decided yesterday.  It will be craziness so feel free to follow along on twitter and instagram. I plan to show her the quick tour of all my favorite places in a matter of two days. 

2.  I get to see some of my favorite people this weekend including my family and sisterpants Erin.  That's exciting and this will be Mel and Erin's first time meeting.  Oh hey little blogging Meet-Up!

3.  I'm sad my boyfriend will not be able to be with me this weekend in New York.  Originally this was going to be a fun long weekend away for us but like I've been saying, things have been wack and I made the decision not to go.  But it's no surprise that I changed my mind at the last minute because that's just how I am.  Sorry for the vagueness.

4.  Caffeine is going to be my food group this weekend.  Should be interesting folks.  

5.  The other day I came across these videos from my internship at Camp Tecumseh.  I couldn't stop laughing.  Wow so many good memories.  So a quick little summary.  I interned as an Outdoor Education Leader and basically just got to have a lot of fun with my coworkers and kids.  We would send schools little videos to remind them of what we learned while they were with us. And yes, I had black hair at one point in time.  You're welcome and happy Friday!

Ps. Why does my voice sound like that? woof.

Go link up with Karli and Amy and share your 5 things about absolutely anything!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

One Year Blogiversary!

I’ve been blogging for ONE whole year.  Wow, Happy Flipping Blogiversary to Chasing Elephants.  I can’t believe it’s been a year.  Sometimes I think it feels like I have been doing this thing for longer and sometimes I feel like it was just the other day that I started writing.  In the beginning I struggled so much with all the “rules” of blogging.  You know what I mean, the you don’t’ blog on the weekends because you know you will look pathetic or you must blog everyday M-F.  I was stressing myself out.  I finally learned that this blog is mine and I can do what I want.  If I want to post once a week that’s what I do.  This is fun for me but I also have a life outside of this blog, I share when I have time. 

It’s interesting to look back and see where I was a year ago and to see how much I have grown, not in height though I’m still standing at 5’ 2”.  Last year I wasn’t in the best of places.  I was totally lost and wasn’t adjusting well to life in the new town I was living in.  I was contemplating running away to Thailand, which isn’t the worst idea but it would have meant leaving the love of my life.  I chose to stay and I’m still not sure what would have been the best thing to do but what I do know is that I’m happy right now. 

I’m happy that I have the man I want to spend the rest of my life with by my side.  Though I’m still not crazy about the town we live in, I’ve accepted that I live here and it’s slowly growing on me.  I have two pups that I love to pieces, I made some amazing girlfriends this year, which it’s amazing how better life is with friends to laugh and cry with that aren't miles and miles away and enjoying life checking things off my 101 Things in 1001 Days List.   

This space of mine has helped me in so many ways.  I can’t thank everyone enough for all the support, encouragements and friendships this past year.  It means the world.  I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!