Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Lil Butt is so Behind!

Just rename me to behind because i'm going to spend the rest of the year trying to catch up.  I'm behind on blog readying, blog writing, I haven't even recapped my trip from NY but I kinda have a reason for that, i'm behind on working out (all my months of hard work are just gone, hasta la vista, baby), sleep, and who knows what else i'm also behind on i'm sure there's more.

Anyways I'm not able to recap my trip till I get the pictures from my mothers camera and she is being slower than a turtle trying to cross the street with uploading those.  Until then here's my weekend recap.

The bf's sister, Mary is in town from St. Thomas and I have been hanging out with her a ton!  It's nice to have a chick around because well i'll be honest, I only have one friend in this small town I live in.  Its kind of depressing especially since I've now lived here for 6 months +.  It's super hard to make friends in a new place, which is another reason why I started blogging.  My bf is in the business world and we tend to hang out with older couples with kids and such, which they are fun and great to talk with but I would never call one of them up and be like come over and watch Grey's Anatomy with me.  Is anyone else in a newish town and having a hard time meeting people around your age? 

Back to my weekend because I got side tracked, that happens a lot!  My weekend included lots of eating and adult beverages.  I also shot a gun for the second time, which is kind of scary but I actually did pretty good.  The big exciting part about my weekend is I went to my first NFL game.  I'll be blunt, I hate football! I often wonder how Erin and I are friends because she lives for her Giants.  I just never could get into it but actually going to the game was a whole other ball game.  I loved it!  We got down to the game around 10:30 so we could of course drink. We started with mimosa's then switched to vodka and grapefruit and by the time we got to the game I was drinking bud light.  Highlight of the game is seeing our posters up on the jumbo tron, not once but TWICE!!! It was a really good game and I have a new crush and his name is Andrew Luck! :)  I am presently surprised at how much fun I had and I actually watched the game!  But you still wont find me watching it on TV, baby steps! 

Photo Highlights!

Lucas Oil Stadium, Go Colts!
Phil's Family before heading into the game!

Watching Andrew Luck warming up! :)

Mary and I all smiles!

Dude in the back totally photo bombed this picture and I don't hate it!

View from our seats!
Our Famous Posters!

These 3 kids were sitting right in front and they were so cute.  Pretty sure it was there first game! 
I hope everyone enjoys there hump day! 


  1. that creeper in the photobomb is perfect!

  2. I knew all of this so all I'm going to comment on is the "presently" surprised part. Hahaha dying.

    But NOW you know why football is awesome. Imagine wanting your team to win that badly every single weekend!