Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pictures Say a Thousand Words

Guesssss what day it is? 
I'ts my friday!  Haha I got ya there didn't I?  You thought I was going to say hump day!
With attempting to write a speech, doing 5 loads of laundry, our power going out 10 times since Saturday, packing, last minute errands to get ready for NY life just gets in the way of my blogging.  I'm a huge whore, picture whore that is.  I love, love, love taking pictures to capture memories.  My bf's a trooper for always smiling when I snap the camera and I know it's not his favorite thing.  I never want to forget those memories because there is nothing better then looking back and being reminded of those moments.  I thought i'd share some favorite photos of mine that capture moments I never want to forget.

10 Pictures I am so glad were captured.  

This is the day that I met my nephew and I'll never forget the joy I had when I held him in my arms.  
Kissing my lil niece Kayleigh for the first time.
My grandmommy's name is Mary Mahoney and Philip and I ate at this jem in Mississippi.  She is my only living grandparent and I don't get to see her nearly enough but this reminded me of her and it just was super special.

One of my favorite pictures of My dad and I.  I was his "tough as nails" lil girl.

Just took this picture on 8/24/13 at a Wedding and it is by far one of my favorite pictures of us.

Codd Family Reunion/Olympics back in the day.  Just brings back so many memories.

This is my best friend Tori, we met in college and this couldn't have described our relationship more.  
The Sister and I holding hands.  Through the good and bad, through the tears and the laughs and to the girl who saw something in me other than just weird, I will be there for you always and forever.
Just living in the moment.  Always, always dancing!

Me and my girl Brit.  We met in Cape Cod during our families summer vacation and are still friends today.  This picture brings back so many memories.

I have to do a post like this again because it was so hard to pick just 10!
At this time tomorrow I will be back in my sweet lil hometime.  This means no time for blogging but I can't wait to share all of the stories when I get back next week because knowing my family there will be!  Peace out blog friends!


  1. Yayayayay! I LOVE this one. This is a great post idea, I think I shall steal it one day. I wish I was going back tomorrow too :( But see ya in two days. Gah!

  2. love the one of you and your bf! sometimes candid ones like that are the best.

  3. Love this post. I agree with Erin- I'm going to steal this post one day :) I love the photos you chose... a nice mix between serious and fun. I have a feeling I'd have a lot more selfies in mine....sigh.


  4. I just came across your blog - love it!

    The photos above are awesome. The one of you and your dad is super cute! Reminds me of one I have of my dad and I.