Thursday, November 7, 2013

Purdue Weekend Recap

Last weekend I partied like I was in college.  Well, kinda sorta.  I should say I tried to party like I was in college.  Key word being TRIED.  The bf and I headed down to Purdue University, which is where he went to college, to get together with friends for a football tailgate.  

So here’s how the weekend went.  On Friday I worked through lunch so I could get out at 4, which would get me home at 5.  I still needed to finish making my dad’s famous macaroni salad and pack for the weekend.  I was a total spaz trying to get everything done thankfully my bf had cleaned up the house and put the Peanut Butter Cookie Cheesecake bars in the oven.   I really don’t know how l lucked out with such an amazing man. Feel free to barf here.

Anyways the bf and I  packed up the car and headed down to Lafayette early so he could show me around his ol’ stomping grounds or as I mentioned on twitter ol’ stopping grounds, which Erin had of course corrected me.  I never seem to get those saying’s right.  It was cute to see how excited he was to show me all the places he hung out and lived. 

All the driving around had me starving so we went to this Irish Bar to get some food and drinks.  We happened to get a seat right in front of the Irish/Scottish band that was about to start. Score!  My roots are Irish so I felt right at home.  We were enjoying ourselves so much.  I almost even got up and did the Irish Jig, which I "think" I can do but I think it might I've been the beer increasing my confidence.  Anyways I didn't end up doing the Irish Jig but the bf and I did hope on the dance train for a song that had something to do with riding horses and the devil. Haha who knows.  Since we were having so much fun we decided to stay till two of our friends got into town.  

Of course by the time they showed up we had been there for 3ish hours and were several beers deep. I was at the point where I was basically screaming.  I talk loud to begin with and add a few drinks in me and I'm 20x louder.  Yea I am that girl.  I've learned to embrace it although everyone around me hasn't quite got used to it yet.  I blame it on the fact that I'm from New York.  

We stayed there till the band ended and they wanted to take me to one of the bars they used to hang out at called "Harry's."  I managed to get 2 free drinks.  Yes, I still got it!  Okay so maybe the guy was like 60 but still free drinks are a win in my book.  Phil even showed me the table that he engraved his name in.  We didn't stay there for too long because we realized that we were old and it was time to eat again and get to sleep. 

We hit up a street vendor favorite of Philly and his friends.  I got something called a Fat Girl, which I don't even recall what was in it but i'm sure it was all bad stuff that was not on my eat healthy plan.  Anyways I couldn't wait to get to bed because A. I was drunk and B. I had a food Baby.  

The rest of the group drove up early on Saturday to meet us for the tailgate.  To my surprise and to everyone else's, I was rather chipper for the morning.  I am not a morning person at all and plus I had a few too many beers the night before and I was just as shocked that I didn't feel like garbage.  

There was lots of eating including Chili, chicken wings, pork burgers, Marconi salad, buffalo dip, peanut butter cookie cheesecake bars, hot cocoa, and i'm sure i'm forgetting something.  

Photo Highlights from the Tailgate! 

We didn't even go into the game.  I'm pretty sure the final score of the game was Purdue 0 Ohio State 56. Yea I would say that Purdue does not excel in the football department.  I had an amazing time till I lost my wristlet for like the second time this month.  Pissed.  I'm pretty sure I left it in a porta potty.  Is that how you spell that?  I was mad at myself more than anything because I lose crap all the time.  I swear I would lose my head if it was attached.  

Anyways after an hour I got over it and figured that wristlet was just cursed and it was time for something that actually strapped on to myself.  I may even go with a fanny pack.  Don't judge. Desperate times call for desperate measures my friends.  

All in all it was a fantastico weekend with great friends!  It was so special to get to see part of Phil's college days.  And i'm sure you know I heard tons of stories from his college days from all of his friends.  And you bet I did absolutely nothing on Sunday but throw some ingredients in a crock pot and sit my ass on the couch all damn day

I leave you with this....


  1. Uhhh...I definitely thought it was 'stomping grounds,' too.


  2. a few things. be proud i kept reading after i barfed from your cuteness. next, i will be at the indiana / purdue football game this year because brad's family are HUGE indiana fans. (cool story, brooke) lastly, I LOVE THE GIF AT THE END.