Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Blog Switch

Happy Halloween Blog Lovies! 

Back when I thought this was totally appropriate and had brown hair....

Today in honor of Halloween I’m switching things up and hanging out over at Crumbs and Curls.  Kristin and I have switched blogs once before and had so much fun.  Kristin is my go to girl for all things food fashion, and crafts.   You have to go check out her pumpkins she decorated, they are adorable. AND I love following her on Instagram because I get to go back to the days of college and sorority life.  Those were the days and I always tell her to enjoy college as much as she can because they are some of the best times. Have fun reading about Kristin's Halloween must haves!  If you miss me find me hanging out at Crumbs and Curls


Hey Meghan's readers it's good to write to you again!  You may remember me from last time Meghan & I switched blogs, my name is Kristin & I blog over at Crumbs and Curls.  

I love when Meghan & I switch blogs, it's so fun to share our thoughts with new readers!  Today I'm here to share my 'Halloween Must Haves' with you since Halloween crept up on us so fast.  My list includes everything I love about this crazy holiday!

1. Tootsie Caramel Apple Pops - These were huge when I was a kid, but then much to my dismay they disappeared for a while.  However thankfully they have been popping up a lot lately & I was able to get some in my local grocery store (the A&P), which made my Halloween!  They are so good!
2. Decorations - I love decorating my apartment for all holidays, but I really love having pumpkins everywhere.  It's so fun now that I have all my own decorations & get to decorate myself, it makes me feel so grown up!
3. Halloween Nail Art - I saw this on Instagram & it left me wishing I was talented enough to do something like this.  It's such a chic manicure & so festive for this time of year.
4. Halloween Movies -  There are so many great ones, but the "Halloweentown" series has been my favorite since I was a kid.  A few weeks back when my sister & I were home on a break there was a marathon on TV & we spent a good chunk of the day watching them!
5. Reese's Pumpkins - This just may be my favorite part of Halloween, any of Reese's holiday candies always have more peanut butter then the regular cups, which I am all for.  I may have even eaten some while writing this!
6. Costumes - I am in college so Halloween is super fun & dressing up is a must.  This year I am being a flapper girl & am obsessed with the fringe dress!
7. Halloween Makeup - This is the perfect chance to wear some crazy makeup or something you don't usually do.  Since I am being a flapper I will be rocking some red lipstick, nothing crazy, but it's also not something I do every day either.
8. Halloween Craft - This year I decided to paint pumpkins & then add glitter accents.  I had a blast doing it & you can find the tutorial here.  They came out so cute & I will be leaving them out long past Halloween.

So now that you know my 'Must Haves' for Halloween, what are yours?  Stop by Crumbs and Curls & let me know!  
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  1. Glittery pumpkins oh my! Love them. And those damn caramel apple pops get my every time.

  2. Love the ideas!! xxo