Monday, March 10, 2014

Just Call Me Nurse Meg

Hello friends, so life has been a little crazy lately and it has kept me away from these parts.  I thought over the weekend I could catch up on some reading and writing but I thought wrong. I'm still just as behind, actually more.  Anyways here's a little snapshot of what has been going on.  

Probably the most time consuming thing that has been going on lately is the fact that the boyfriend tore his ACL.  That means I have become Nurse Meg for the past two weeks.  So, that's been fun.  I wish I had a better story for how it happened but in all honestly he fell in the first 10 minutes of playing volleyball.  He was so excited to go play and even went early to go practice and stretch.  I was home and catching up on things and get a text message that reads "I fell and fucked up my knee."  My first reaction was I laughed.  I'm sorry but I found it funny and didn't realize actually how seriously he messed up his knee.  

On the 6th he had his surgery and I took the day off so I could be with him and take care of him afterwards.  It was a long day but I am so glad I was able to be there for him.  I know this is extremely hard on him because it has taken him away from work and it's also the first time anything medically has happened to him.  It's all scary and new.  I am trying my best to keep his spirits up and do my best to help him.  This was my first experience taking care of someone, usually it's me that's sick or hurt.  It's actually nice to switch roles for a change.  It has kept me on my toes and a lot more active.  If anyone tells you that sponge baths are romantic, they are sadly mistaken.  

Dragon has been by Philly's side since his surgery, yup it's adorbs.

I also have started free weights.  I am officially obsessed.  I may only be at 40 lbs right now on my deadlifts but I am proud to even been lifting. I am finally starting to see the results that I have been trying to get for months. Since October I have lost 1.5 inches around my waist. Wahoo!  For those of you newer to these parts I have hypothyroidism and have gained more weight in the past year and half then I have wanted to.  And for the past year I have been trying to lose the weight and haven't had much luck.  I've become an addict pinning tips on weight lifting for women and new workouts to try. I think I have finally found a good balance in my workout routines that I actually enjoy it now. I think the key is the variety in my workouts. I get bored, keeping it mixed up makes it far more interesting.  I try to keep to this schedule but sometimes that doesn't always happen:

Monday:  Boot Camp Class
Tuesday:  Lifting & Cardio
Wednesday: Off
Thursday:  Boxing
Friday:  Off
Saturday:  Lifting & Cardio.  
Sunday:  Take the dog for a walk/jog.  

I never shared with you what my goals for 2014 are but one of them is to improve myself in anyway I can. High on my list is to improve my health. Sticking to a workout schedule for me has been hard but I have really improved on this in the past few months.  I find it helps to have a workout buddy.  Actually, I don't know what I would do without my friend Lindsay because she has been a huge motivation to get my butt to the gym.  I've also been incorporating fruit and veggie smoothies into my day as a healthy snack.  

Also in other news, I crossed another item off my 101 Things List.  I have been a True Blood fan since the first episode but after the third season I didn't have HBO anymore.  Thanks to HBO go and binge watching I am all caught up on True Blood.  Does anyone know if there will be a season 7 because the last episode left me on the edge of my seat and I want more?!

Between being a nurse, staying healthy and fit and binge watching TV I have been extremely busy.  How have you been staying busy lately?  


  1. I have had knee surgeries in the past and I am having one again after the wedding, I always feel bad because my fiance has to take care of me and I am just unable to take care of myself at all. It is so nice that you are helping him! I hope for a speedy recovery!

  2. Poor guy! Good thing he's got a girl like you around to nurse him back to health! I can't imagine how painful that is!

  3. yay for weights and being an awesome nurse!

  4. I would love to do weights I just need some coaching for posture, etc.

    Sending lots of healing vibes your guys way!!

  5. Dude... OUCH! I hope you're at least wearing a slutty nurses costume for the poor guy.

  6. Hey girlfriend - 40 pounds is better than zero pounds! So proud of you, and I hope that you're proud of yourself!! xoxo

  7. binge watching tv just takes up so much time right? Somebody has to do it though right? ;-)

  8. I loveeee true blood, I started watching after Bill was all bloody and crazy but then stopped :[