101 in 1001

Family and Friends            

1.        Attend a family reunion
2.        Go on a camping trip with friends
3.        Have a girls weekend 5/1/2014-5/4/2014
4.        Have a spa day with my mom once a year
5.        Make a new friend 3/21/2014
6.        Purchase a painting or picture from my brother Sean
7.        See my Mom and Martha get married 8/28/2013
8.        See Tori
9.        Send a care package to a friend, family member, or a stranger
10.      Spend the day canoeing with friends
11.      Visit Kristen in Washington DC 5/1/2014-5/4/2014
12.      Visit my brother in West Virginia 5/4/2014


13.      Do a wine tour in my hometown 8/29/2013
14.      Go hiking 9/1/2014
15.      Go on a weekend trip to Nashville
16.      Go sail boating
17.      Go skydiving
18.      Go swimming with dolphins
19.      Go to Cape Cod, my family vacation spot
20.      Go to Thailand
21.      Go zip lining
22.      Ride in a hot air balloon
23.      Skinny Dip 7/18/2013
24.      Spend New Year’s Eve in a City
25.      Visit a city I’ve never been before 7/26/2014
26.      Visit Kentucky/KY Bourbon Trail 8/2/2013


27.      Celebrate a 1 year 9/12/2013
28.      Get engaged
29.      Get one of those character photo’s or old time pictures with Phil
30.      Get professional pictures done of Phil and I
31.      Go on as many date nights as possible
32.      Go on the couples massage that I gave Phil last Christmas (Oops)
33.      Have a stay-cation with Phil – PJ’s, movies, don’t leave the house kind of weekend
34.      Scrapbook my 1 year memories with Phil

Because It Sounds Fun/Things I’ve been Meaning to Do

35.      Attend a Halloween party
36.      Build a fort
37.      Buy a hat and no not a ball cap.
38.      Buy an SUV
39.      Catch up on Trueblood3/2/2014
40.      Get a second psychic reading (Need to see if the first one and this one match up)
41.      Get another tattoo and fix up my quote
42.      Go to a music festival (Lollapalooza or Coachella)
43.      Go to an amusement park
44.      Have a great Gatsby themed party/or any kind of themed party
45.      Host a game night
46.      New kennel area for Dragon
47.      Order dessert first at a restaurant
48.      Own a bicycle
49.      Own a watch 9/14/2013 Thanks to the bf!
50.      Personalize my desk at work
51.      Plant a tree 4/27/2014
52.      Play a round of 9 holes
53.      Ride a horse
54.      Ride a motorcycle
55.      See a comedy show
56.      Go to a concert  10/19/2013
57.      Swim in the ocean
58.      Throw a dinner party 11/23/2013
59.      Tie-dye
60.      Use my fondue set 11/23/2013

The Creative Side

61.      365 Day Photo Project
62.      Create a recipe binder/box
63.      Find a new hobby Photography
64.      Grow my own garden
65.      Learn a song on the piano
66.      Learn to knit an infinity scarf
67.      Make a new 101 list
68.      Make a pot of gumbo 1/25/2014
69.      Make my own healthy dog treats
70.      Read 5 books (1)
71.      Scrapbook my college memories
72.      Start a blog
73.      Take a dance class
74.      Take a photo in the same place every month for a year and turn it into a calendar

Health, Wellness & Beauty

75.      Be in the best shape of my life
76.      Complete a 60 day ab challenge Restarted9/24/2013
77.      Complete a cleanse
78.      Get a bikini wax
79.      Get a pedicure and manicure 8/27/2013
80.      Get my makeup professionally done
81.      Give up soft drinks for 130 days
82.      Give up Starbucks for 60 days - Started on 11/27/2013 - Completed 1/27/14
83.      Go 1 month without alcohol
84.      Grow out my hair
85.      Run 3 5K races 5/10/2014, 6/21/2014, 9/6/2014
86.      See a chiropractor
87.      Start my hormone supplement regimen
88.      Stop eating on the couch for 30 days
89.      Try laser hair removal

Time to Grow Up

90.       Buy a new phone and get off my Dad's plan 11/19/2013
91.       Cook a Turkey 11/23/2013
92.       Give a Toast 8/28/2013
93.       Open a savings account 4/14/2014
94.       Purchase a nice camera 4/18/2014
95.       Update my wardrobe  


96.      Buy coffee for the person behind me in line
97.      Send 30 handwritten notes
98.      Send flowers to someone 9/12/2013
99.      Eat out at Seasons 52
100.    Volunteer
101.    And I leave the best for last, ride an Elephant!

*Bold means in progress


  1. This list is amazing!! I really want to start working on something like this, it is a great way to get inspired to get out there and live. I especially love the idea about taking a picture in the same place and making a calendar, that is genius. I can't wait to see how you do with your list, good luck!

  2. Yeahhh!!! way to go!! I love your list :)


  3. I love this idea! So similar to my Bucket List idea. Though I feel like this would work better cause there is a time. Where I am sitting over here like "yah i got my whole life" !!

    xo. Kailagh

  4. # 101 is my favorite because that's on my life list too. My mom did it back when she was my age and thanks to her I adore elephants.

  5. I really love this idea and I might do "101 things in 1001 days" for my blog too if that's alright :)