Thursday, May 22, 2014

Prom 2006

I figured it was about time I showed up to this little space of mine.  To be honest I have been blahhh all week and therefore, I’m blahh in the land of Chasing Elephants.  Sometimes I get bogged down with everything that’s going wrong that I lose sight of all the good in life.  But here I am today, it’s a new day and there are lots of things to be happy for like looking at pictures from Prom 2006.  It is #tbt and Prom season after all and I can’t help at laugh at all of these. 

My prom was actually a disaster and was by no means picturesque.  Okay, so I’m being a little dramatic with saying prom was a “disaster.”  I’ll rephrase it as it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. 

Things I remember not being so good….

1.  My hair.  I cried when I left the hair salon because it didn’t look anything like I wanted but because I was already running behind for pictures, I had to suck it up and just hate my hair. Can you say "Mushroom head?"

2.  I was running around, stressing people out because I still needed to put my makeup on but everyone else was ready for pictures.

3.  IIIIIII asked my date to prom.  I never got that moment of a guy asking me.  Womp womp womp.  Nowadays, asking a girl to prom is a bigger deal that flipping proposing.  SMH. 

4.  My date didn’t go to our school because ya know that would be too logical.  So that was fun keeping him entertained. 

5.  Our prom was a Junior Prom instead of a Senior Prom.  Why??

6.  I was awkward.  I wasn’t one of those girls that the guys would run to type.  I’m pretty sure I turned red every time a guy would talk to me.  Can you imagine me trying to pin the boutineer on the dude? Yea,  I was a shaking mess. 

7.  I went to the school after party…LAME.  I remember it being semi okay in the beginning and then it got boring.  I actually think I passed out with a few other friends. 

8.  I had braces.  HELLO awkward smiling.

The good news is I can look back on it now and laugh, still standing by my two best friends.   Not to mention I thought my dress looked pretty damn good!  I don't want you to think it was all bad because it wasn't, I still had a great time with my friends and memories I will have forever.
We went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner because we thought that was the best place ever, not to mention they have the best bread ever.  I may have even taken a loaf or two home with me. Don't judge me.  We stopped at Wegmans (only the best grocery store ever) in our Prom dresses to get gummies in bulk.   We snapped the typical upstate pictures in front of the falls. And the best part was we danced the night away, even though it was a little tricky in a poofy dress.  

Pretty sure we were laughing here because Erin couldn't keep her dress up...
Shaking hot mess right here ^

Give me all your juicy prom stories but only if they are bad! :)


  1. I have really awkward, not entirely pleasant Prom memories, too. I think that's just an inherent part of going to Prom. It sorta sucks, but it seems like the biggest deal in the world when you go. Also, I like your hair in these pictures! Haha!

  2. look at you little youngins!!!!! oh prom. it's crazy how intense people get to ask for prom dates these days.

  3. Daaaamnnn... check out those glamour shots! ;P
    My prom was the same thing... I asked MY date to go and he didn't go to our school - only for a couple hours in the morning so he barely knew anyone. Also: he was a dick and I only asked him b/c he was REALLY hot. :)

  4. You all look so classy and beautiful! Now-a-days, girls look like they're heading off to the stripper pole, not the prom. And your date was adorable. My prom experience was not the greatest as well, but looking back, it was still pretty fun. Thank God we all grew out of those days.

  5. Awe, you look pretty! I didn't go to that is my lame story. Instead, I worked that night.

  6. hahaha sounds about like my prom! i think it's an awkward right of passage we all must endure. i wouldn't change anything about mine --poodle hair and all! your dress is beeaauutiful btw

  7. HA HA! I was the same way with my hair and make-up. It was frustrating and no one understood why it was so. You look absolutely beautiful in your prom dress! :)

  8. You looked so pretty! High school pics are so awks for me. Yikes I run from them!

  9. This makes me want to pull out my 2006 prom pics. I had a rough hair experience too - half up half down. With tiny little braids everywhere.

    It was rough.

  10. Pretty baby bloggers :) For real though your dress was really really gorg!