Thursday, May 8, 2014

Surprise Weekend

I’ve been avoiding writing this whole post because it means my girls trip is over and I’ve been too tired to do anything else other than eat and sleep.  So I’ve been a sad pup for a few days not to mention the bf has been gone on a business trip since last Tuesday and won’t be back till Saturday.  Insert cry face here.

Erin and I have been scheming for the past two weeks to surprise our best friend in DC. The three of us have been friends for a very long time. For obvious reasons I couldn’t tell anyone because who knows if she reads this space of mine or not and I was not taking the chance in having this surprise be ruined.  I’m not going to lie it was so hard not to say anything and I was just straight up cheesin for the past two weeks in excitement.  I have not seen my friend in a year and half.  Not okay, but that stuff happens when you grow up and all live in different places.  Not to mention I haven’t had a legit girls weekend in forever.  My friends, it was time!

Last Thursday I left the office at noon and drove for 9.5 hours to Washington DC.  The drive wasn’t bad, actually it was a really pretty drive once I got out of the dreadful state of Ohio (no offense to my friends that live here but when you’re on a road trip and it’s just straight/flat highway with nothing to look at, you want to stab your eyeballs).  I did hit an accident, which put me back a half hour.  I mean we were at a standstill for 20 minutes and people were out of their cars walking around.  I felt like I was in some TV show and zombies were going to start walking around.  And the drive was 100 percent better thanks to Amanda introducing the blog world to The Bachelorette Party Pandora Station!  Erin’s bus was late so I decided to head into Union Station and have myself a blue moon.  Duhhh.

We were scheming with our friend’s fiancé for days about how we were going to surprise her and because well nothing is bound to go right, our plan didn’t work anyways.  She ended meeting up with friends for margaritas after work and passed out.  So we just hopped into her bed.  And I might have been petting her head like a dog.  She thought she was dreaming and then realized that it was real life.  It was awesome.  And the best part was she literally had no idea that we were coming. Surprise was a success. #winning

While our friend Kristen was at work on Friday, the sister and I spent the day exploring around the apartment.  We found this cute little area kind of hidden on the backside of the mall and had lunch on the patio at a Lebanese Restaurant.  Lunch can’t be complete without sangria and hummus.  Our next stop on the agenda was finding somewhere cheaper than 12 dollars for a class of sangria.  Holy cow, I’m not used to these city prices.  A happy hour margarita or two just hit the spot.

We got all dressed up, which rarely happens these days.  Some idiot named Meghan decided it would be a good idea to wear her white dress and put make-up on.  What was that girl thinking?  Yea thankfully, Erin had another dress for me to wear so all was good in the world again.  We headed out on U street for Thai food and to hit up a few bars.  We even did some dancing like we were back in college.  We were ready to call it a night especially after two guys were creeping on us.  Is it so hard to have a girls night and not be bothered by guys who want to pick you up?  I guess it is. 

Anyways, moving along.  The next morning we all headed to Zengo’s for bottomless mimosas/cocktails and small plates.  By all, I mean the three of us, Kristen’s fiancé and the bf and his friend.  Yes, the bf was in DC for the weekend for business so I was a happy lobster to see him.  The drinks were flowin and the food kept coming.  I highly recommended this place.  We laughed a lot, shared some new things with one another, played “Never Have I Ever”, and laughed some more.  It felt like we hadn’t been apart for forever.

We continued the whole day drinking thing, headed out on H Street, saw a baby at a bar and immediately fell in love.  I think I might have even asked to be this kids nanny.  Just ran into the whole dilemma that I don’t live in DC.  Went to a house party that had a guac off, yummy in my tummy, headed to some roof top party for beer back and ate with the bf. 

Sunday I woke up all sad, as did all of us.  Saying goodbye was the worst, especially since we don’t know when we will all be together again.   Insert another sad face here.  On a good note though my oldest brother Marty and his fiancé live in West Virginia so I drove out to see them and to have lunch.  It was so good to see their new house and to spend time with them even though it wasn’t nearly long enough.  It took me way longer to get home then on the way there.  I hit a detour, which mad me get home 50 minutes later.  I swear this type of stuff always happens to me.  I had a minor melt down because it was really late and I was in the middle of nowhere Indiana.  Thanks to the bf for talking me through it and getting me safely home even a bunch a miles away. 

The whole unknown thing about not knowing when I am going to see them next makes it even worse but I cherish the time that we all get to spend together.  I love that we can pick up right where we left off.  I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend with great friends.  

AND I got to check off several items on my 101 List in a 1001 Days List!
Numbers 3 Have a girls weekend, 11 Visit Kristen in Washington DC and 12 Visit my brother in West Virginia.

So I leave with you happy thoughts, aka pictures of my friends dog Leela who is absolutely OBSESSED with playing fetch. I kid you not this dog would/does play 24 hours a day! Oh and she winks ; ) 


  1. What an awesome trip. I would be the one that would pass out while my friends are trying to surprise me. I love that you just jumped in her bed! This makes me a little jealous that none of my friends live that far away... well not really jealous. Glad you had a good time.

  2. this looks like such a great girls weekend! (plus the boy for a bit)

  3. I'm glad that you had such a good time with your girls! You should've recorded surprising your friend... that sounds like it was hilarious! haha

  4. That dog is adorable!! I'll play fetch with him!!

  5. Yayy! I've been waiting for this all week even though I think I knew most of what you did already! I'm so glad you got to have a fun weekend away!!