Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Three Day Weekends are for Eating Ribs

Hello friends! Last weekend reminded me how much I love weekends during the "summer," I say "summer" because well ya know it's not technically summer yet.  But when it's above 45 degrees it's Summer in my book.


Friday night I bolted out of work a little early and by a little I mean 2 hours because I was just itching to get out to be honest.  It was a slow week and I could count maybe the number of people who were actually there on one hand.  The boyfriend and I went over to some friends house for drinks and sat outside on their patio, which I want to be my patio, so ya I need to get on that!  Afterwards we ended up all going out for dinner and drinks and enjoying summer convertible drives!

Oh and I finally got my camera back from the good ol' repair shop so I had to snap some pics to make sure she still worked! :)


A bunch of us went up to Fort Wayne to our friend Jess's apartment to grill out and hang out by the pool.  It ended up being more laying out because the water was colder than the waters near Antarctica, no joke.  Okay so I haven't been to Antarctica but the water was really really cold.  Like cold enough were I had a hard time breathing.  You get it, it was cold but I'm not complaining! ;) 

The ladies
After sweating and laying around, okay so what I really mean is when we were out of drinks, it was time for us to head to our friends parents house for a bonfire and bbq.    We played my favorite board game, Ticket to Ride, ate grilled ribs and fried vegetables and had a few shots of Rumchatas for dessert. 


Sunday we woke up and headed out for breakfast and then it was off to Lake Tippecanoe!  Fun Fact: Lake Tippecanoe is the deepest natural aka non-man made lake in the State of Indiana. Our friends have a Lake House and we went a few times last year and I had some of the best times there so I couldn't wait to be back! I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking here.

^And then there was that time a rode a cooler as a bull....

I'm so glad I brought my camera because we captured some pretty great moments! The sun was starting to go down so we headed by to the house to have some ribs for the second time! We had every intention of going back out for a night boat ride but after dinner all six of us were out cold in the living room.  


Monday morning we got up early and went to breakfast, which by the way between all the drinking and eating the last thing I needed to do was eat again.  But of course I did. We headed back home after stuffing my face for the bazillion time and I took a much needed nap.  Not nearly as much as I would have liked though.  I had a few things to do before we were heading off to Phil's parents for yet another BBQ.  I made a salad and homemade Strawberry Shortcake (my favorite summer dessert everrrrr) to bring over.  Our friends Amanda and Frypod (not his real name but that's what we call him) joined us for dinner.  Guess what we had?  Yea, RIBS for the third time!  I love ribs though so I didn't hate having them three days in a row.  Thanks to all the parents out there feeding us and giving us a place to stay, we love you!

Between the dog (Cadillac) being the happiest dog on the lake, football in the water, dancing, Rum and Cokes, Cooler Bulls, ribs, laughing with friends and spending time with the boyfriend I seriously couldn't have had a better weekend! And what a way to kick of the warmer weather.    


  1. I love your lake pictures so much! I got out to the lake this weekend as well although it wasn't quite warm enough for bathing suits. Either way there is no better feeling than enjoying a beer on a boat with your friends.

  2. It sounds like you had a great weekend!! I love going to the lake in the summer- it's the best! (And yes- I'm saying that it's summer now too).

  3. Anddd I need to get to the lake ASAP now. There is nothing better than being out on the water in the spring/summer :) We typically go over to Brookville Lake!

  4. I want your weekend to be my weekend every weekend

  5. Looks like you had a fun weekend!!!! Dog in sunglasses = best ever!

  6. Oh my gosh... I loooove that pic of you two kissing!!! SERIOUSLY ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    Rumchata is the BEST!!!!!!!!! I saw a recipe for Rumchata cheesecake pudding shots that I'm DYING to make!

  7. Ahhh I'm dying to get on a boat ASAP! And Ticket to Ride is totally my fave board game too!