Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday How I Love Thee: Blogmopolitan Quiz

Friends life is good, it's Friday the weather is amazing and I've got fun weekend plans ahead. Oh and after hours and hours of arguing planning the boyfriend and I finally booked are mini vacay to St. Louis, MO.  I never thought I would end up visiting Missouri but I am actually pretty flipping excited about it.  What I'm most excited about is just spending some quality time with the man since the two of us have been so busy lately.  Anyone been there before?  Would love to hear about some great places for us to check out!

Last night, the boyfriend and I went on a little family outing with the pups, after the workout that made me puke of course.  Our little town just started doing Music in the Park, every Thursday during the Summer.  It was our first time checking it out and I was so pleased with the whole thing.  

And because I feel like 17 again I participated in my first ever Blogmopolitan Quiz by my bestest, Erin over at Two Thirds Hazel.



  1. My perfect night includes some beer too! I used to live in Missouri when I was in middle school. I certainly recommend checking out the Arch while you are there, it is pretty incredible. Also, walking along the river and seeing the signs where all the flooding was in 1993 puts things in perspective.I loved Imo's Pizza, the cheese is different and amazing. They use Provel cheese and it is a thin crust. Yummm! Other than that, it has been so long and I was younger so I don't really know what all the fun places are!

  2. Such great answers! and I love the nickname "Shmegs"!

  3. Your answers are so stinkin' cute. This is my favorite one I've read today that is for sure. Cute nickname :)

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