Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Stitch Fix Review #1

So you all know that I am the farthest thing from a fashion blogger.  I still wear clothes from highschool/college, if I can fit into them that is and I think spending anything more than $19.99 on an article of clothing is an outrage.  Also, I hate shopping.  I hate wasting my time at the mall trying on items of clothing and then realizing that a) they don't fit b) I feel fat c) I could be doing something else.  I'm ready for a revamp and I want to transition out of my college days and into adulthood.  This girl needs some serious help though.  So I did what any blogger would do and I ordered my first Stitch Fix. DUHHH.

If you don't know what Stitch Fix is then I'm not sure how you can call yourself a blogger. Okay, totally kidding. :)  Essentially it's a personalized style service that gets delivered to your door.  You fill out an online questionnaire about your style, sizes, measurements and what you are looking for.  You can also link your Pinterest style board as well as your social media so they get a better understanding of you.   A REAL LIFE STYLIST, I know its actually not a computer, chooses at least 5 items and ships it right to your front door.   You pay a $20 styling fee for each box and when your box comes you can model  off your items to your boyfriend/hot lover/husband.  You keep what you like and the items you don't want to keep you just put them in the prepaid mailer that they provide and send it back. You fill out a quick online feedback form and they charge what you keep, minus the $20 styling fee.  The awesome thing is if you keep all items you get %25 off!  

So here are my thoughts:

I thought the whole process was really convenient and easy.  The packaging was fun and helpful on how the whole process worked.  I got a little note from my stylist explaining the items she picked out and why. There was even a card that had your pieces and two different ways you could style them.  I thought that was a nice touch.  

Shout out to the boyfriend for taking these awkward fashion photos.  Love you! 

Item 1:  

A coral dress with pearl beading around the neckline.  As you can see I had some fun twirling in this dress. Overall I loved the color and I liked that I had asked for items that I could wear on date nights and I could also pair this with a sweater and wear it to work.  Super versatile. In the end it was a little too baggy for my liking and I wasn't head over heels in love with it.  I decided not to keep it because this girl doesn't settle, especially when the dress is $78!

Item 2: 

Teal Chevron Maxi Skirt.  Dragon wanted to get in on the modeling action, either that or she really liked the skirt.  I'm not sure which one.  I love love love the fabric. It was soft and stretchy and looks like it would hold up well.  What I didn't like was the chevron pattern,  I mean I was never on that bandwagon nor do I want to wear it for that matter.  Especially when it will run you $68.  Even though Dragon wanted to snuggle with me wearing this I decided it wasn't a keeper.

Items 3 and 4:  

Pink Kalea Abstract Print Zip Detail Blouse and Jax Moto Detail Denim Pull on Pant by Sold Design Lab.  I like everything about the blouse by Eight Sixty.  It's fun, cute and perfect for the summer.  What I didn't like about it is that I could find something very similar from TJ Maxx or Marshalls for way less.  The shirt was priced at $78 dollars.  Yikes.  Again, I didn't keep this item.  

I know what you are thinking, Meghan did you keep anything?  Why friends yes I did.  At first glance I hated the pants.  They are skinnys, don't have pockets on the ass and have a weird texture to them.  Last I knew all of that was out of style.  But once I put them on they fit like a glove.  They are soft, stretchy and aren't like any jeans I own.  They go perfect with blouses and I can even picture some cute sweaters and boots that would look cute for the fall. The best part is they have a thick band around the top that semi sucks everything in.  "Umm, Hi pants but you are mine." These pants go for $78, which is about the priciest thing in my closet right now but the purpose of me doing this was to have nice items in my closet.  

Item 5:  (Paired with the above Jeans)

Ace Swiss Dot & Floral Tie-Waist Blouse.  THIS IS MY FAVORITE.  I love everything about this outfit.  The shirt is not like anything I've seen and that's what I was going for.  It's got a fun floral pattern with bright colors and then a dot sheer black layer that goes over it.  Its pretty much perfection in my book.  I can't wait to pair this with a wedge and go on a date night with my man. This blouse is priced at $68, which again yikes but it's totally worth it and this is by far my favorite thing in my closet right now.  

What do you think of the items I kept?

Oh and thanks for not judging my unbearably awkward pictures! 

I'm super pleased with the items my stylist Yanting (yes that's her name) chose for me and I think overall she got me.  Hopefully with my feedback I provided to her my next box will be a huge hit!  I've decided to give this a go around every other month, or as needed.  

If you feel like giving this a go like I did just go ahead and click this link Stitch Fix and it will direct you to the site to start filling out your questionnaire.  And yes if you click that link and sign up I will get credit towards my account.  So go click away so I can go shop some more! :)

Oh and I'll probably be MIA for a week because my Mom's will be arriving tonight from New York.  I cannot wait to spend some much needed family time this week with them!  HAPPY FOURTH FRIENDS! 


  1. 1. you are adorable, i just love your face. and hair. and your face again.
    2. i would've kept errything except the pants; they look AWESOME on you but i never have any luck with pants i get in my fixes :(
    3. i'm going to need to purchase that pink shirt. seriously. i love it. but not for that much $$$. google to the rescue!

    love you!!!

  2. SO many cute things--- those pants look amazing and that top is fabulous too! Once I'm officially out of debt, I know it's time for me to spend a little more on NICER clothing items. I def am rocking the same things to work I was rocking when I started here 5 years ago, YIKES!

  3. I love Stitch Fix and will someday recap some of my favorites on the blog, but I suck at pictures and would probably scare people off. I'm glad you tried it and liked it. I go with the cheaper the better on just about everything except pants. They have sent me the BEST pants ever and I finally have nice clothes that don't have to be thrown away after a year because they were $5. #classy

    Happy 4th of July!

  4. Such a great idea! I've never heard of Stitch Fix (not the girliest blogger in the world), but it certainly seemed to work out for you! I love the outfit you decided to keep, but I also love that gorgeous coral dress up there! Next time you do this, you must do the same type of post!

  5. I love that top coral dress- too bad it wasn't a little tighter because it does look a bit baggy. Those jeans look awesome!! Enjoy the family! :)

  6. ohhhhh i love the two items you did pick! i am with you on the chevron thing being too much these days

  7. Do I need to start sniffing the items I receive from SF?! It's funny and it's not, but if you don't own dogs you don't want clothing that smells like them. I own cats and would never let them near items of clothing I haven't bought yet. I've seen this before in videos/blogs for SF and I think it's something they should address. Yes, we are trying items on in the comfort of our own home, but we need to take care on these items we send back out of courtesy for others. I'm not picking on you, but I have seen others like this and thought that SF should be made aware of such concersn.

    1. I've gotta preface this with what you've said at the end of your comment; I'm not picking on you, but I feel like comments like this are a SUPER slipperly slope because even if you really aren't picking on the blogger, it can certainly look that way to someone like myself who sees the comment! As someone who works in property management, I've seen cases of bed bugs and lice LIKE CRAZY; so something like a few dog hairs doesn't bother me at all when I open my fix (not that it's ever happened to me, but ya never know). I think if this is really something that bothers you about receiving fixes, maybe SF just isn't the right thing for you. And if you feel strongly enough to comment, you should definitely share your concerns with SF as well - who knows, maybe other people have brought up the same concern. Regardless, it's not Meg's place to email them when it's not her concern. Hop on over to their website and share your comments with them!

    2. I haven't seen the bed bugs at stitch, but have had then start biting my legs while picking out the various fixes. They have some really nice items, and some really ugly items. They don't wash anything when it is returned.
      They scan the bag it comes back in, then sort it out on a table. Someone throws a hanger on the item and puts it on a rack. It then goes to another rack to be sorted by size and location. Then goes back to the racks to be picked, packed and sent out again .

  8. You look like you had a blast taking these pics! Love the jeans and top you kept and while you looked great in all I agree with all those you tossed. That abstract blouse for 78 bucks??? No. lol

  9. I am also on the Stitch Fix train. I am quite a bit older than you (in my 40s), and really did tire of buying cheap clothes that did not fit well. There is definitely a difference between how more expensive clothes fit and the cheap stuff from Target. So, I try to think about what I'm NOT spending my time & money on: gas to get to the mall (which is far for me), food at the mall, searching through racks of clothes for 1 or 2 items I like, waiting for a dressing room, taking my clothes on and off as I go back to the dressing room numerous times, waiting in line to purchase the clothes, and gas to get back home. Sometimes I will spend the better part of a Saturday at the mall or shopping only to come home with nothing and feel like I don't fit in anything and look huge/hideous.

    So, for me, the extra cost to buy Stitch Fix clothing vs. TJ Maxx clothing is worth it in order to skip all of the time/money issues and the post-shopping sadness if I come home with nothing.

    I think the pants were great as was the top you kept. I thought the coral dress was adorable, but you know best was suits your figure and what is flattering. The prices were pretty reasonable overall. Sometimes it is hard to get over that $24.99 price point in your head! But once you do, you end up with great clothes. All of the Stitch Fix items I kept have turned into wardrobe favorites. Can't say more than that!

  10. Yay! I'm so glad you finally did it and let me just say, I love every single thing in your box 10x more than anything I've gotten yet.

  11. That's the one thing I truly dislike about StitchFix- it's so pricey! Some of the stuff I've actually seen on websites like Zulily. Although what can I say, I just scheduled a box....

  12. Love all the stuff you have received! But ekkkk on the price tag of a lot of the items! I have wanted to try this for forever now, but can't justify spending that type of money on clothes that I can get cheaper else where! But, I still really want to try it, ha!