Tuesday, July 22, 2014

M&M Recap: Part One

*Picture overload #sorryimnotsorry

I've got a lot of catching up to do, being as it is July 22nd and I've yet to recap about M&M's trip. Oops.

Rewind back to July 2nd (Wednesday), Mom and Martha were making the 9 1/2 hour drive from Upstate NY to spend the week with Phil and I.  They actually got to my house before I did and the two of them AND Phil were all matching.  Totally unplanned by the way.  We sat on the porch had some beers and cheese before heading to dinner at Casa Brava for Margaritas and Mexican.  Meanwhile, my mom brings a sweater with her to dinner and then we were twins. Everyone was on the same creepy wave length.

Thursday I worked a half day, so that way Mom and Martha could have the morning to themselves and sleep in if they wanted. For lunch they met me up in Fort Wayne at our NEW FAVORITE SPOT, The Oyster Bar.  It's a cute old saloon from the 1800's, there isn't much seating but we went for lunch and during the week so we found outdoor sitting.  I can imagine at dinner time it gets really busy.  We were a little hesitant checking out seafood in Indiana because well Indiana and seafood just doesn't go together.  We were pleasantly surprised and will be coming back next time they are in town! I don't have a bad thing to say about this place, everything we had was TO DIE FOR and the server was one of the best that I have encountered.  I ate my weight in oysters, holy goodness overload.  I'm thinking I need some of that in my life again right now.

Oh and my mom and I matched AGAIN.  

After a few pit stops, we made our way back home.  We ended up hanging out in the back yard for a majority of the afternoon, drinking beers and giving some much needed attention to the yard.  Later that evening friends came over and we sat on the porch laughing our asses off and telling stories.

My brother and his family came up on the 4th.  It was great having everyone over to our house and was one of my favorite moments.  The kids kept us busy playing golf, running around naked in the pool, playing with bubbles, riding bikes and just being cute.  Also the matching game continues! :)  The adults partook in adult beverages, corn hole, eating and naps.  Seriously though, my brother took at least 2 naps. Reason #199 why I'm not ready for kids, holy crap are they exhausting little creatures! Dragon enjoyed having everyone there and discovered that she loves kitty pools!  It was so fun watching her run in there with the kids and just lay down to cool off.  

Later we headed into town to go get ready to watch the fireworks.  We luckily found a great little grassy area to spread out our blankets and take over.  Fireworks aren't as exciting as they once were 15 years ago.  The best part was watching the kids faces light up.  

Doesn't he look so cute with a baby stroller? :)

I've never attempted the whole photographing lights in this kind of way before.  Oh dang, I need A LOT of work.  It was definitely fun messing with all the settings but I have no idea what I am doing other than what I found looking up "how to's" on google.  

This is where I will end Part One so stay tuned for Part Two later this week (maybe)! :)


  1. Love all the twinning going on, lol!! My sister and I show up wearing the same stuff a lot at holidays and such, which is funny because we live hours and hours from each other!

  2. Looks like an amazing time!! All that food, too, has me crazy hungry!!

  3. So cute and loved the last few fireworks pics. Totally gorgeous!

    xx 365hangers

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