Thursday, August 21, 2014

M&M Trip Part Two

If you haven't read Part One of M&M's then read here first and catch up! 

So the real reason my parentals came for a visit was two help these home owner newbies.  I'm speaking about myself and Phil.  Okay, so it wasn't really the real reason but it was a big part because they offered to help us out a while back.  You see home ownership is a fucking lot to handle.  You think its all cupcakes and peanut butter balls. Then BAMMM in comes your dog and eats everything.  Anyways, I was having a hard time keeping up with everything/suck at landscaping.  

My mom and Martha are awesome when it comes to yards.  We spent about two days tearing things out, replanting, planting, mulching, digging and sweating.  I went to Lowes more times than Erin pees and for those that don't know, it's a lot.  

The next step was to get the gutters replaced, which we accomplished a few weeks ago. Yes I know, I've majorly been sucking at this blogging thing this summer.   Now all we want to do is to get the house painted.  Not sure that it will actually happen this year but maybe next spring we will actually decided on a color.  Keep your fingers crossed that we actually agree on something.  :)

Oh and the great blogger I am forgot to take "before" pics.  Ughhh. 



Sunday was a pretty worthless day because we were all wiped out from the previous days.  We did manage to make it out on the golf course.  I should say they did because I did what I do best, which is drive the golf cart and drink beer.  It's the best kind of golfing. Movies and snuggling was pretty much how the rest of the day and evening went.  

On Monday (7/7) we managed to gain back some strength and decided to tackle my closet.  We went to every single store in town to gather things for organization.  Apparently I'm picky because after a month in a half I still can't find bins for my scarfs and accessories.  I've got the "before" and "during" pictures but it's still in progress.  I'm trying to find the perfect bins, if they exist.  Hopefully, I will have it completed before there is snow on the ground.  I might just have to settle for bins that I like and not love.  I really need to tell myself that it actually isn't that big of a deal.  

After dinner on the porch we played a few rounds of Ticket to Ride, aka the best board game ever.  This is when it started setting in that they were leaving the following morning. It was such a good trip, even with all the stress my family had being going through (the stuff that I can't really talk about on this space).  

I can't thank them enough for all that they did for us not to mention it just makes me the happiest being around them.  I won't lie, I was in a funk for two weeks after they left.  I think what makes it so hard is not knowing when I am going to see them next.  This whole living 10 hours away thing is getting old.  Thank goodness for facetime because I don't know how I would survive not "seeing" my mother.  Yes, we just about speak everyday, my mother isn't just my mom she's my heart and soul.  
Anyways, now I miss them again and I'm going to go call them and cry.  Buhh bye.  


  1. My mum is my heart and soul too so I totally get you on that! Mums are the best and how sweet that they came out to help you :)

  2. Everything is looking good, girl! A lot of hard work but it feels awesome when things start coming together like this, doesn't it?! :)

  3. So...are they for hire? Our landscaping isn't bad...but it's almost TOO good and this girl has no patience for watering plants. Also, closets...we have the safe life. Mine is a disaster and I can't find the things I have in my mind to organize it!

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