Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Reasons For Being MIA This Week

My apologies for my lack of blogging this week.  I had a series of unfortunate events, which kept me busy and computerless.  Anyways let me share with you what happened this weekend.  

So you know my lil baby angel of a pup, Dragon

Well she wasn't so innocent and perfect this weekend....

Phil and I went and got her a new kennel that was pretty much double the size because she was outgrowing her other one.  Well apparently my dog is smarter than who ever created this kennel because she got out while we were in Indy for the day.  She went hog wild while we were gone, I swear she acted like a teenager while her parents were away. I'm pretty sure she threw a party and invited all the pups in the neighborhood over.  Guess what folks?  It happened again on Monday while we were at work!

Things Dragon consumed/destroyed:
A bra
A hat
The Kennel Box
Mouse's Thundercoat
My power cord to my computer 
2 separate gloves
The hallway rug
The couch in the family room
The ottoman
Phils work bag
Her collar
A Thomas Jefferson Book

Dragon had mixed reviews on Thomas Jefferson's, The Art of Power.

To top it off she also peed all over the place.  I was not a happy Momma!  

On a serious note though Dragon suffers from Separation Anxiety.  Shelter pups often require extra work because a lot of them come from some pretty nasty previous homes.  Dragon was dropped off at the shelter a week before we adopted her. The man that dropped her off was clearly her previous owner but said he just found her because Dragon escaped and went back to find him.  The guy then proceeded to kick the crap out of her.  The Humane Society almost called the police on him.  I was seriously heartbroken when I heard this and I immediately felt like I needed to bring her home and just love on her to the max!  So this whole separation anxiety thing hasn't been easy.  She hates, hates to be alone!  She follows me everywhere I go because she just wants to be around me.  If I'm in the shower, she's right there with me, if I am cooking in the kitchen, she is right there with me, she could be dead asleep on the couch in doggy dream land and if i get up to get something, she is right there with me.  Phil and I have gotten her a ton of toys to occupy her and keep her busy but this weekend I think she just about had it in her kennel and wanted out.

I called around because she needs to learn that its okay to be alone while we are at work.  I called a lady who specializes in dogs who have Separation Anxiety but I am still waiting to hear back.  In the mean time, Dragon starts Doggy Daycare tomorrow!   I'm pretty nervous about it because I hope she will get along with all the other pups!  The first day she gets tested 
to see if she is cool enough to hang with the other pups or if she has to play alone in the corner, which will pretty much be devastating.  They have a webcam and everything so I can keep on eye on my baby and make sure she is playing nice with others. Gosh, I'm so nervous over a dog on her first day of daycare I can't imagine what I am going to be like with a real kid!  Please wish Dragon luck on her first day of daycare tomorrow! :)  Check my twitter tomorrow for updates on how Dragons first day went if I don't get around to finding a computer to blog about it (Still no power cord, boooo)!


  1. I would be so nervous also! My little guy Tobie does not do to tell with other dogs. I boarded him once and it did not go well - probably won't ever do it again. Good luck!

  2. oh my lanta, dragon was not amused with you leaving her! good luck with the separation anxiety!

  3. separation anxiety is so sad, she'll get better :)
    good luck at daycare Dragon!!!

    ps- i got scared when you said she chewed the power cord. my friend recently woke up one morning to find her dog had died overnight from chewing on a cord that was plug in, she got electrocuted :( I hope Dragon gets better with being alone soon so she doesn't hurt herself <3

  4. My dog was like that when he was younger. Sometimes he still gets upset and will chew on something here and there...but I must say he's never destroyed and entire room. lol

  5. Your puppers is soo cute!!! I love the name Dragon by the way.
    All my doggies have been shelter dogs and I love them but the for sure require a lot of work. But doggy daycare is a great idea! One of my best friends works at a doggy daycare and I think that place is so awesome! I hope Dragon has fun tomorrow and that the other doggys are nice!!

  6. I hope doggie daycare went well for you & Dragon! Our dog is a rescue as well, and had some major issues as well (broke out of his crate, also). We did training shortly after and are still doing doggie daycare 2x a week - it has helped our dog SOOO much! :)

  7. aww poor baby. yeah separation anxiety can be tough for a lot of dogs. we took one of our dogs to the local humane society for training classes and that can really help. good luck!!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak