Monday, August 12, 2013

Bourbon Up!

Okay, yes its Monday and I am just getting around to sharing about last, last weekend.  You know with the whole no power cord to the computer thing really makes it difficult to blog.  But I just ordered a new one so hopefully I will be back in business at the end of the week!  Anyways, I’m excited because I got to check off another item on my list.  When I get to cross something off my list it makes me feel all happy and giddy like a dog sticking its head out the car window.  Yes, I might be puppy obsessed right now, but who doesn't love dogs?  If you don’t then there is seriously something wrong with you and we can’t be friends.  And I’m totally getting off the radar.

I’m sure you are peeing your pants right at this very moment because you are just dying to find out what I crossed off my list!  Okay, maybe its not that exciting and I’m sure you already know by the title of this post.  Yes, I went to the State of Kentucky where 95% of the world’s bourbon is made, Number 26 on my 101 Things in 1001 Days List.  Friday night the bf and I drove after work to Louisville, which is always fun because we jam out pretty hard in the car!  I tried to get a video but he wasn't into that whole thing.

Friday Night

We arrived in downtown Louisville at the Galt House, drove around for about 15 minutes looking for a parking spot in the garage.  It was the shortest garage I've ever seen!  We booked our hotel through orbitz because i'm all about those orbit bucks.  The hotel upgraded us to a suite fo' FREE.  Which was awesome until I walked into the room and saw that there was not 1 King size bed but rather 2 double beds.  I was ticked off and didn't feel like bothering with going back down and sweet talking the front desk so you know what we did?  We slept in separate beds and I totally felt like I was back in HS or something.  Not that I had any guys sleeping over while I was in HS but still. After a quick wardrobe change the bf and I walked to Whisky Row which was just a few blocks from our hotel.  We ended up at this new bar/restaurant that had upscale burgers and live music. The place had really good burgers and actually thats all they pretty much had, I even caved and got some white truffle fries and they were aaaamazingg!  I actually think I was drooling, they were that good.  We stayed for a awhile and listened to some live music and my Little from my sorority came to meet up with us.  I haven't seen her in forever so it was good to be reunited because we had some fun times in college.  She is super goofy just like I am, she is just overall a super awesome person.  She recently moved from Boston to Louisville for Law School, i'm such a proud Big! :)

Friday Night at Side Bar!

Throwing it back:  Little and I in College!


I wasn't excited about my alarm clock going off at 7 am but I was excited for the days activities. This is the day I realized that I hate bourbon.  Which was unfortunate because the whole day was revolved around drinking bourbon.  I was a champ and sucked it down anyways but if I had it my way I wouldn't drink bourbon "neat" ever again.  We met with our group at 8:30, we decided to do one of the tour buses called Mint Julep Tours (Which I highly recommend), instead of drunk driving, I know smart decision.  We stopped at three different distilleries, Makers Mark, Barton 1792, and Jim Beam.  We did  a tour and a tasting at both Makers Mark and Barton 1792 and just a tasting at Jim Beam.  It was actually pretty fascinating to learn all about the process of making bourbon and the history.  

  Makers Mark

Hand dipping the wax top!

Barton 1792

Barton's does bottle labeling too in addition to making bourbon.  I was so tempted to grab one of those Svedka Orange Sherbets because I have yet to try one!

Jim Beam

The weather couldn't have been better, we really lucked out because it had called for rain.  Yes if you are wondering if that guy is carrying a ball you are correct.  There was another group that we ran into and it was a bachelor party, they made the bachelor carry a ball and chain.  I thought it was pretty humorous and I know it was just a joke but I also thought to myself well jezz, if this guy isn't even married yet and thinks that negatively about marriage then my guess is this guy isn't going to be married for too long.  

Although I'm not Bourbon's Number 1 fan I did have an amazing day with the bf.  We met a fun group of people, one was even a discus Olympic Athlete, he was a big dude, like the kind where he is so jacked that he can't scratch his own ass.  I personally don't know who would want to be that muscular.  It is not attractive by any means, actually I find it repulsive, not into that whole I look like a Hulk thing.  I learned all there is to know about bourbon and the history of Kentucky.  I didn't get as nearly as drunk as I thought I would, which is a win in my book. Although I did get a buzz, which is just the right amount and the one liners are just'a flowin.

Site seeing downtown after our tour.

Phil and all his new bourbon!
Saturday Night we met back up with my Little Christine and her bf Dan, which was my first time meeting him and I approve!  We went to this Restaurant called Game and they have a bunch of burgers made from all different meats like Waygu, Kangaroo, Elk, Venison, Wild Boar, Lamb, Duck, Salmon, and Antelope.  I had the Venison and Phil had the Wild Boar.  I seriously never eat burgers and for some reason I was craving burgers because thats all I ate for the most part while I was there.  We ended the night at the Troll Pup where a bunch of 50 year olds were celebrating.   It was seriously the funniest, between 8 of them they got 4 different Fish Bowls.  They kept apologizing for being drunk and saying they were celebrating there 50th, it was too cute.

Venison Burger from the Restaurant Game!


Our last day we went and had breakfast, just the two of us and drove around Old Louisville to look at all the big brick homes.  It was a much needed mini gateway for the both of us. Although Phil and I live together and see one another all the time, I think it is really important in a relationship to getaway together and spend time outside of the normal routine of things.  It is a trip I will never forget, that is for sure! Plus, I can finally check off another item on my list! Wahoo! 

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