Sunday, July 14, 2013

Puppies, Champagne and a hair cut!


Since I've been with Phil, weekends are our thing.  We haven't spent a weekend apart, unless he was out of town for work.  Last week was such a lonnnggggg week.  I work as a Project Administrative Assistant at an Architectural Firm and things are really picking up, but it isn't making my days go by faster.  When Friday finally arrived all I wanted to do was eat, drink a glass of wine and plop down on my porch.  That is exactly what I did.  Phil purchased a grill about a month ago and absolutely loves it, I call him the Grill Master.  I'm not even allowed to touch it but I'm okay with that because it means I don't have to cook as much!  Anyways, he grilled up some BBQ chicken and shrimp for shrimp cocktail, and I sauteed up some green beans.  If you have never been to St. Elmo's I highly recommend it.  They have the best Shrimp Cocktail and they even sell their cocktail sauce because it's that good.  It cleans your right out, it's the kind of sauce where you have tears and nose drippings down your face and you totally make weird faces while your eating it.  
Friday Night relaxing.


Sleeping-in just doesn't happen anymore, I remember the days of rolling out of bed at 12 just in time for lunch.  Now I'm lucky if I can sleep in till 8.  The pups don't sleep in so therefore I don't sleep in.  Phil and I decided to go let the dogs run because we were heading down to Indy for the day.  We live about an hour in a half north in a smaller town.  Phil's parents have about 5 acres and they go cray cray.   Dragon tries to keep up with Mouse but she last about 5 seconds and then falls to the ground.  Cutest thing ever. 
Proof of Dragon taking a rest because she can't keep up with Mouse.

Lil clip of the pups.
I drive an hour and 10 minutes every 10 weeks to get my hair done.  I have serious trust issues with hair dressers.  I've had too many bad experiences and I finally found one that I love so yes I will drive that long just to have my hair done.  Her name is Brenna and she is seriously the shiiiit.  I told her that I want to grow my hair out, which is number 84 on my 101 things in 1001 days.  So together we made a plan for growing my hair out.  I always say I want to grow it out and then it gets to that point where it hit's your shoulders and flips out and I break down and chop it off.  Drives me nuts!  It's at they point right now.  She showed me how simple it is to just curl my hair, mess it up a lil and it should help with my flip out trauma. 
If you live in Indy and need a good place to get your hair done you must check out Salon Orange Moon and ask for Brenna!
Hair foils on hair foils.

Next stop on our day trip to Indy we headed to visit friends that were moving.  We figured they would need a break from all the unpacking, so what popped some champagne and hung out for a few hours with there BIG dogs. 

Emmy and Ralphy!
Last stop on our trip we went and had dinner with Megan and Eric.  I used to work with Megan at a Chiropractic Office when I lived in Indy.  She met her man on just like Philly and I.  Actually, she's the one that gave me the idea to try it out so really I owe her for introducing me to it.  They are getting married in November so I got to chat about all the wedding plans with her, wedding talk is always fun! Plus I got to eat some strawberry shortcake, my favorite summer dessert.

The Megs and my new wavy hair!


Since the girls have been so good we got them some new toys. Dragon got a pink squeaky toy elephant (would you expect anything else?) and a Kong feeding toy.  It is supposed to make them work for the food and mainly just keeps her busy.  Mouse needs some help with her oral care, so we got her a deer antler, apparently they are good for the teeth!

Well my friends, It's Sunday which means it snuggle times with Philly and the Pups.  We got sucked into the first season of the Sopranos so I've got a date with my couch! 


  1. Hello Meghan, just loved to know about your weekend. Your dogs are so adorable. You're new to blogging so welcome here, hugs?
    Got you from middle of nowhere, woot!

    Areeba @ Aree With Umbrella

  2. Your hair looks great! I always try to grow my hair out but give up get it cut short - it is just too warm out!