Sunday, January 12, 2014

Airports Suck

Sitting in a airport has got to be up there on the "least favorite things to do ever" list.  I would probably place it in my top 5.    

Here's why I hate airports: 

1.  You have to pay money to check a bag.  Your telling me that my 400 bucks that I payed for the ticket isn't enough to include a bag with a week long clothes worth?  It frustrates me.  

2.   8/10 times your flight is either delayed or cancelled.  I totally made that stat up but it just seems like what always ends up happening.  This means sitting in the airport even longer and all you want to do is be sipping on a cocktail in the Caribbean which is where you should be by now, but no you're still sitting in the airport. Which brings me to ...

3.   Most likely you are killing time at the airport bars.  You might as well be in New York City at one of the hottest clubs because the drink prices are the same.  Your usual 4.99 glass of when is going to cost to 12 bucks.  It's expensive.  Even McCrapcrap is pricy.  

4. Airports are so inconsistent. One could be super comfy with lots of outlets to charge your phone and others your fighting over the one outlet on the floor with about 5 other people.  Then they just stare at you in disgust because you one the fight.  

5.  Some are so dang big that it takes hours to get from one side to the other.  Which now means that you are running to your gate with an oversized carry on bag because you didn't want to spend the $30 to check your dang bag not to mention the luggage size purse you're carrying to keep you entertained. 

6.  They are crowded. I don't like crowds. That means more of an obstacle when you're trying to run to your gate that's a million miles away. 

7.  You have to take your shoes off to go through security.  A majority of the time I'm wearing flats because that's my go to shoe and now I have to walk barefoot across the cold floor where millions of people before me have walked on.  It just isn't right.  

8.  Time always seems to go slower then your 110 year old grandpa.  I get so bored even with my luggage size purse bag that has books, magazines, music, board games, iPad, phone and whatever it is that you travel with. 

9.  Is it just me or are most of the employees just the most miserable people you have ever seen?  I mean I know they deal with some pretty pissed of people but still, I'm nice, why so rude?  Although I have to say the women at the ticket counter in Indianapolis on our way here was one of the nicest people.  But that's rare like a pack of wolves in 1915.  (Just learned that in my new book called The Genius of Dogs.)

End rant. 

So yes, Airports are not my favorite place.  But I do love traveling so I just have to remember to not dwell on how much I hate them and remember to have good vibes because it's part of the adventure. 

The good thing about them is that they are the connection to the destination that you desire.  Not sure if that makes sense but hopefully you get what I mean.  You could be going home to visit your family for the holidays, maybe your flying to Napa Valley for a Ladies weekend, or you heading to South Africa on your honeymoon.  

If you have had a amazing experience at an airport please enlighten me because I would love to look at airports in a different light.  

And im a belivever in miracles because I was actually productive on the plane and wrote a post. Or maybe it was the Heineken that the cute man in 32A purchased for me.  I guess I'll never know. :)

Anyways I'm going to get back to drinking XX's with my bestest!! See you ladies in a week! 


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  1. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. We usually fly out of Sacramento,CA. It's smaller than our other close airports (Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose) and we've never had a big problem there. The drinks are crazy expensive, but did you know those mini-bar sized liquor bottles are permissible through security and onto the plane. As long as they're sealed and in a clear bag. That being said, mom and I always bring our own. :)

    Enjoy your trip!