Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Day In The Life

This week has been an emotional roller coaster for me and every time I try to write, nothing wants to come out.  It's like okay brain why are you so empty up these days?  Personally, I've had a lot of behind the scene things going on and while it's not my place to really discuss it, I will say that my family could have a reality tv show.  

Moving along, I had tweeted yesterday that I just haven't been able to bring myself to write lately and Brittney, over at Happy Is a Choice told me they were doing this link-up.  It just seemed to be the perfect thing to do!  So I don't want to bore you with my every day life because it would mostly consist of driving, looking at my computer screen, g-chatting with my girls Erin & Mel, snap chatting Rachel, more computer screen and then more driving.  Are you asleep yet?  

I had actually been meaning to do something like this and on Friday had taken pictures so really it's perfect that this all happened to fall in place.  Friday I took a "Me Day."  For those of you that don't know what a "Me Day" is, basically it's when your head is going to explode and you need to take a day to "do you," for not only your sanity but everyone around you as well.  

Here's my "A Day In the Life:  Me Day Addition.  

The boyfriend left for work around 6, so that meant that Dragon and I went back to bed and snuggled for a while.  She seriously is the best little snuggler in the mornings.  It was nice not to have to rush out of bed.  And I'm sure everyone wants to see what I look like when I first wake up, so there ya go.  

The rest of the morning Dragon and I sat ourselves in front of the couch and watched The Real Housewives of Orange County.  I even had Popcorn for breakfast, boom chicka boom boom! :) Dragon slept alot, she must do a lot of sleeping during the day when I'm not home, either that or she was bored by the drama on Housewives.  Either way I didn't mind.  Once I was all caught up, I figured it was time to get out of the jammies and head into the shower. 

On Thursday I had come home to a package from Mary, Phil's sister, which just about made my day.  In it it had this cute elephant top and matching elephant necklace and earrings.  In my head I was like this would make a perfect new profile picture for my blog.  I got out the tripod and got to try out my new wireless remote.  The thing is, I take terrible pictures.  I posed the same way in all 200 or whatever photos I took.  I have no idea how to pose.  HELP A GIRL OUT!  I'd much rather be behind the lens then in front of it.  These were my top 3 favorites.  So send some pointers my way because I need to learn how not to be awkward.  Not sure if there is a cure for awkward but if you know it, please let me know! :)

After my awkwardness of a photo shoot I felt a bottle of wine was well deserved.  I mean it is 5 o'clock somewhere after all.  I was also still admiring all of my elephant goodies because I it was so thoughtful of her to think of me.  Dragon and I sat out there for a while just drinking wine and then she decided to go crazy when she saw another dog and ripped one of our screens. I was not a proud pup mom at that moment.

After that whole pup fiasco I had to put Dragon inside and then I finally started The Fault in Our Stars, which I could not put down.  Special shout out to my blog best Mel for sending me this, you make my heart smile, that is all.  The boyfriend also texted me that he was going to play hooky in the afternoon.  Score!

The boyfriend wanted to go golfing and I was totally okay with tagging along so I could drive the golf cart because I seriously think I'm 14 years old sometimes.  It was a total win win situation because I got to read my book and be outside and Phil got to play his golf, yet we got to be together.  

The club has really good food so I invited my friend Lindsay to join us.  I had a few glasses of wine, Lindsay and I split Kickin Shrimp and I also had a crab cake. It was all pretty dandy if I do say.   We ended up staying after dinner for a while because we kept running into people we knew.  

It was after 10 by the time we got home.  We did the normal duties of letting the dog out, brushing our teeth and putting on our jammies.  I gave the man a few kisses, rolled over on my stomach and passed out watching some show on hgtv.  We called it an early night because we knew we had a busy day on Saturday.  Who am I kidding, we call it an early night a lot!

There's my Day In the Life: Me Day Addition, now go link up with Brittney and Rachel

Rachel Rewritten


  1. get ready to cry your eye balls out!

  2. We CLEARLY have no self control when it comes to that book, but I think that I'm perfectly ok with that! Can't wait to see you!!

  3. So glad you linked up with us...I'm loving all of these posts! SO FUN! All of your snapchats are so funny...snapchats are so addicting. I do them all day long and don't even realize how many I send! Apparently everyone in the world is reading TFIOS, so I guess I'm about to jump on that bandwagon, too!

  4. you are adorable! love your blog! you are so fun!

  5. I JUST LOVE YOUR FACE. Literally every day I am so, sooo thankful that we're friends. AND THAT I GET TO SEE YOUR FACE THIS WEEKEND, AGAIN. Score!!!

  6. How do you look so damn adorable at 7am? Shit ain't right.

  7. sounds like an amazing day! i want to take a me day!

  8. Well I'd love to come over and basically do a repeat of that day with you! ;) Hope the behind the scenes kinda stuff isn't too rough- I know how family drama/craziness can be!