Wednesday, June 4, 2014


This post is way old but for some reason it never made it out of my drafts (5-4-14).  I HAVE to share about it because I got to spend time with some of my favorite things ever, My mom, niece & nephew, friends, the bf and ELEPHANTS!  

It was a rather busy weekend but Friday I had the opportunity to sit on my porch and have a glass, err a mean a few glasses of wine.   It was nice to not have anything to do especially with the busy weekend ahead.  I love that it's finally starting to get warmer, it just makes my heart happy.  Phil was on his way back from Arizona so it was just me,  the pups and my bottle of Moscato.  

Saturday was the day I got to play with the elephants! :)  Phil and I headed down to Indy to spend the day with my Mom, Martha, my brother Liam and his family at the Indianapolis Zoo.  It was such a gorgeous day, actually almost too gorgeous because everyone and their cousin were at the zoo.  It was a mad house.  It was all totally worth it though because the kids had so much fun AND they had beer.  

(Martha, Me, Mom)  And apparently like mother like daughter because look at our stance.
Unfortunately we couldn't stay with them all day and we had to say our buhh byeeees.  The good news was that Phil's half sister had her baby the night before.  We went home, changed, took some snaps and headed over to the hospital.  We dress up to go to the hospital.  Do you not do that?

Just kidding we put our fancy clothes on because we were going to a Live Auction and needed to leave right from the hospital.  The auction ended up being a lot of fun.  Phil and I ended up leaving with a new mountain bike, a wine making experience, and a facial (that's for me).  This was also when still was still using his cane....SMH.

The next morning we were all in rough shape, particularly Phil, as I had to chase him down around town in his bike trying to get him back in the car.  Yea it was that kind of night.  Sunday I brought Dragon (Mouse doesn't do well in social settings) over to Lindsay's for a play date/recovery day and ate lots of food including my fav of all fav's Spinach and Artichoke Dip. We were pretty lazy but we did manage to get a few games of Ticket to Ride in.


  1. um hello fabulous black dress. hottie.

  2. Elephants are the best and so so cute. Also, you just made me very hungry!

  3. I love that dress!!!!!!!

  4. that is the largest wine glass i've ever seen and i must have it

  5. Before I read this post I was thinking, when was this girl around elephants this week and how did I not get a snap of that?! But now I remember :)

  6. you are looking quite fancy in your LBD! And that "needs a cane but can ride a bike" snap has me cracking up!

  7. oh my gosh you guys are so cute! and the baby..presh!

  8. Haha I can just picture you chasing him around town while he's on a bike. Beautiful baby!!