Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Litte Bit of This and A Lot of This

Last weekend involved a little of this:

A lot of this:

And a lot more of this:

1.  Fixing up the house:  For a while Phil and I were up in the air about moving to a new house and for a short time we even had our house up on the market.  We decided that we love our lil starter home and most importantly we love the area so now we can finally get to fixing up the house and make it our own.  Though the bachelor pad he had was suitable for his needs it’s now time to make it ours and more functional.  Last weekend was the start of it, we moved the TV Room next to the Kitchen, which I’ve been nagging asking him to do for a while.  Our project last weekend we wanted to repaint the built in cabinets and add the doors that once were on them, back on.  I spent a good 45 minutes taping the windows and the bf painted them.  On Sunday we went to hang the doors and whelp, the paint was a little too thick from all the previous paint jobs that they didn’t fit.  So now we have to sand all the edges and then repaint it with one coat.  Just call us home owner armatures because we aren’t really sure what we are doing but hey we are figuring it out along the way together.  Pictures to come when we get it finished! While Philly went around touching up the trim I did a major closet clean out.  My closet, which is technically the hallway closet is full of junk that does not belong and I have a hard time getting to my things.  So I put all the junk in the attic and reorganized all of my clothes and shoes.  One thing you should now is that I’m super organized and neat but I’ll leave a sink full of dirty dishes for days.  

This is After.  Totally forget to take a before!

2.  Drinking:  After all the cleaning/organizing/painting the bf and I went to Bdubs for drinks with friends.  Side Note:  Asian Zinger Sauce is HOTTTT!  My mouth was not happy with me.  So anyways I drank way too much Cider Beer but it is so good and its Fall so its the perfect time to drink it.  We are so old tired from being busy all day we didn't fee like going out after dinner/drinks so we had everyone come over to our place were I continued to drink more Cider Beer.  We haven't really had people over since we started really working with Dragon. Read this to find out why.  Anyways I was so surprised to see how well she was interacting with everyone aka not being totally annoying and up on everyone's sh*t.  When people come over she gets really excited and hyper but she just chilled on the couch with everyone and kicked back.  I love it! 

Fav picture of the night!

3.  Lounging with the pups:  It was so nice to spend time hanging with my Man and our babies pups.  The pups are finally getting along with one another so now we can all enjoy being snuggled on the couch!  Sunday we watched movies and snacked on appetizers all day.  The only thing that was missing was making a fort.  We will have to save that for another day.  Nothing crazy or adventures happened but it sure was a really great weekend spent with Philly, the pups, and friends. 


  1. Me and the fella are total house project amateurs also. I get flustered b/c I don't even know where or how to start!!

    Glad to hear Dragon did well with lots of people over! :)

  2. home improvement projects are a lot harder than all those DIY blogs claim they are!