Friday, October 25, 2013

My Current Life

I don't have any pictures to really go with this post so here ya go. This is me, Cape Girl.  Totally normal.

For the past two weeks I have been going to bed between 7:30 and 9:15 pm!  God I feel old.  Either that or my body is telling me to slow down.  Let me give you a little preview of my life lately. 

The boyfriends alarm goes off at 5:30am, which makes me go nutso.  I usually put the covers over my head and try to sleep for 20 more minutes.  When my alarm goes off,  I’ll  lay in bed for a good  10ish minutes flipping through all the social media apps including facebook, instagram, and twitter.  How else would I know what is going on in the world?  Then I look at my clock and say ahhhh I really have got to get going.  I usually take a big stretch and say “BABE I DON’T WANNA GET UP”! 

He usually responds with “You say that every morning”.  Which he’s right.  Who wants to get up that early?  It’s about this time that he leaves and he usually snuggles up next to me for a few and then we say our goodbyes and “hope you have a good day babe” thing. 

I shower, brush my teeth, get dressed.  Let the dogs back in.  I usually end up picking up trash all over the Kitchen because Dragon has once again gotten into the garbage.  Seriously it happens every morning.  Maybe one of these days I will actually get a trash can with a lid.  Who knows.  Maybe not. 

I usually am rushing at this point doing trying to do 10 different things like putting my make-up on, throwing my hair up, getting lunch together, making sure I have workout clothes, and trying to find something to eat for breakfast.  It would totally make sense to have most of this stuff done the night before but that would make way too much sense.

I run out the door to my car and turn on The Bert Show.  It’s the best morning radio show, which I swear is the only thing that gets me through the morning.   Sometimes I’ll call my dad like this morning because his schedule is different than most.  My commute to work is about 50 minutes.  And honestly I don’t mind the drive in the morning at all because it gives me a lot of time to think and relax before I start the day.  The drive home though is a whole other story.

I get to work around 8.  For those that don’t know, my official title is Project Administrator Assistant/Receptionist for an Architectural Firm.  Nothing related to my field at all but I made the decision that I needed a job that paid more as opposed to more of what I want to do which pays less (that’s a post for another day).  I answer phones, go through e-mails, file, type things up, do a few marketing things, drink about 4 cups of coffee, do a lil blog reading, you know the typical front office type stuff.

I’m famous for my car naps, which usually happens on my lunch break.  Yes, I snuggle up in the back seat and pass out for about 20 minutes.  I go back to my duties and at 5 o’clock I’m out the door.  I make my rounds of phone calls on my way home because I get really bored.  I call the bf, my mom, my brothers, and friends to make my drive home a lil bit easier.  I go right to the gym once I get into my town for a good hour.  I mix it up between boot camp class, boxing, and the gym. 

Once I’ve had enough and can’t possibly move I head home and the bf usually says “Babe I’m so hungry”.  My man cannot cook.  Sometimes he tries, which is super sweet/cute.  But usually it ends up being me.  By the time we are finished eating and all cleaned up from dinner and if I’m not already in my jammies then this is when I get into those.  I end up snuggling on the couch watching tv for a lil bit with the bf and puppies and find my eyes shutting.  This happens anytime between 7:30 and 9 pm and also the time that I realize I need to go to bed.  So it’s kisses for the man and time to brush the teeth.  I crawl into bed and Dragon usually follows to come snuggle with her mom. 

And Repeat. 

It’s exciting I know.  This is why I love the weekends so much. 
Does anybody else have just of an exciting life as I do?  Or maybe the opposite?  I would love to be able to stay up longer to do things like blog more.  Idk but lately I’m just fried out like an overcooked mozzarella stick.  Not even sure if that makes sense but I am going to go with it. 

Whelp,  good news is today is Friday and I get to leave early because I worked overtime last week.  And this is a good thing because I’ve had myself a tummy ache since yesterday and just want to get home and hang out with the 3 loves of my life. 

Happy Friday.  


  1. I love reading "a day in the life" posts! And I do the same social media catchup before I get out of bed too :)

  2. Do we live the same life? Except I don't trust my dogs (one of my dogs) enough to leave them out at night, they sleep in their crates. So I don't have trash to pick up in the morning. I LOVE the Bert Show! I have been listening to it since I lived in Atlanta and I am glad that they have branched out to different cities and that my city is one of those! The commute in the mornings is so much more relaxing than the commute home for me too. In the mornings I get my thoughts together and just chill, in the afternoons I just want to GET HOME! It takes way to long in the evenings!

  3. My day is not much different from yours. There's really not enough time in the weekdays to just "enjoy life". Yet, my basic daily routine still manages to keeps me happy, so that's good haha.
    also, I now want mozzarella sticks. my favorite!

  4. glad to hear i am not the only one that has their routine and it involves bedtime around 9 pm :) also. i love that you box. so badass

  5. work, home, work, home...i hear ya sister!

  6. Ah, sounds pretty terrible!

    But I also love going to bed early! It makes getting up so early in the morning so much easier :)