Friday, October 18, 2013

The Weekend That I Didn't Want To End

I didn't want to have to write this post because it means that one of the best weekends I have had in a while has come to an end. Sad face.   Que the violins.  Okay yes I am being dramatic but seriously it was that good besides the whole cleaning the house and doing laundry on Friday night thing but that was mandatory. 

My Mom and her partner, Martha drove up on from Upstate New York to come visit.  Since I no longer live in Indy they were going to split time between my brother and I.  Philly had a golf tournament all day Saturday so I got my Mom and Martha all to myself, which who doesn't want to some q time with the mom?  

They arrived on Saturday Morning and I of course hugged them to death.  After all the hugging and jumping up and down I had them come inside and meet the pups and gave them a tour of the house!  It was existing to show them where I lived because facetime just doesn't do justice.  We we're all starving and I had three breakfast places I could take them to, IHOP, Bob Evans, or 9th Street Diner.  And the winner was...9th Street Diner.  Which was totally the right decision because Phil's sister and niece were there and they joined us for breakfast!

After we stuffed our faces because whelp I love food, we headed back to the house.  Mom and Martha gave me a house warming gift and it was in honor of my blog!!  So obviously it was an ELEPHANT! And if you don't already know this but when an elephant has it's trunk up, it's good luck!  Obsessed.

The best way to show the mom's around was to take a walk.  So we took the gang, aka the pups and walked around the neighborhood and then went and walked along the river.  It was a perfect fall day, sun was shining but there was still a slight chill in the air.  Since that pretty much sums up my town I suggested we head to Wabash, a town that's about 20 minutes away that I have meaning to check out.  I heard they had a cute lil down town area.
We thought this sign was humorous.  Do not remove the rocks or else...
One of my favorite places was this cute Elephant Coffee shop.  I don't know what it was but apparently Elephants were in the air.  We hid up a few shops including a Wine and Cheese Bar, Candy Store, and a few antique stores.  Again we were hungry so we decided to head back to my neck of the woods and get a bunch of cheese and crackers to snack on before dinner.  We made a quick pit stop at Kohl's where we ran into Philly's sister again!  There was a mishap in the packing dept and Martha basically had no clothes to wear for the weekend so we got her a pair of paints and my mom a few shirts.  I even lucked out with TWO new pairs of flats!
By the time we got back Phil was home and it was time for the most exciting part, Pumpkin Beer Tasting. The Mom's had brought a bunch of local pumpkin beers from Upstate New York.  Plus we had a bunch of cheese and crackers, it was official.  We made a fun lil game out of it and by taking a shoe box, obviously from the new shoes I was wearing and writing down all the beers.  We wrote down our comments from the different beers and we matched the bottle cap with the beer.  Then at the end we numbered the beers from best to worst!  

Helliva lot of cheese!  :)

First place was the Shipyard Pumpkin Head.  Disclaimer:  We are not professional beer tasters! Our comments included light, not hoppy, apple, pumpkin, and citrusy.  We got real creative with our words...NOT.  We played them some of our favorite music, we reminisced and shared a lot of laughs.  Of course afterwards it was time to eat AGAIN.  We took them to one of the nicer restaurants that our town has to offer, Casa Brava.  We all got humongo margaritas and of course laughed some more.  

Saturday Morning, we met for breakfast at Bob Evans, which is the bf's and I's Sunday morning spot.  We like to get there around 9 before the church crowd.  After talking a lot about what we need to do to fix up the house they wanted to take us to Lowe's to get us a few things.  Apparently you are supposed to clean the dryer duct that goes from the dryer to the outside...Who knew?  Cause I sure didn't.  So we got a new tube thing incase our's was really clogged.  Yea I'm not sure what that thing is called.  We picked out a bush and some mums to spruce up the outside! And got a few other odds and ends.  

My Mom, being my mom, she found a singing dancing chihuahua and decided to dance around.  Typical.

Before                                                            After

Now here comes the sad part.  They had to leave.  It was time for them to go spend time with my brother and the grand babies.  This is when the water works started but thank god I have an amazing bf to give me a hug and wipe away my tears! Phil and I did a few things around the house like plant a bush and then spent the remainder of the day lounging with our pups!  Does planting a bush count as planting a tree? I'm going to go with a no.  One of the items on my 101 Things in 1001 Day's List is to plant a tree, so I guess I can't check that one off the list.  

I can't help it that they are so cute!

Monday I drove an hour to work and spent 45 minutes at work and then decided nah, this isn't going to happen today, so I drove down to Indy so I could spend one more day with the family!  We spent the day in Brown County, it's a great area down in Southern Indiana.  There's a state park and lots and lots of lil shops and boutiques.  But I was busy having goofing off with the niece, nephew, and moms.  We all got dinner in Indy and they I needed to head back home to take care of the pups.

How can you not laugh at this? Love my family! 

I cherish every moment spent with my family.  As you get older you realize how meaningful family is and it's the little moments that you remember.  Whelp thank goodness is Friday and I am writing this or else I would still be really sad.  But I've got lots of fun things on the agenda this weekend including a much needed girls night with my friend Lindsay and a concert on Saturday with the bf and friends!  

Happy Friday!  



  1. so many pumpkin beers!!!!! also, my favorite way to show people a city or to explore a new one is to walk or jog around it :)

  2. sounds like a great weekend. it's so nice they were able to make the trip to see you! I truly do cherish the time I spend with my family now as they are from out of town..even if we are just being lazy and staying in for the day. I love it.

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend :)

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