Monday, February 10, 2014

Unplanned Weekends

I tend to be a planner.  I like to know what I am doing and have everything scheduled.  Sometimes when I over plan and get supper hyped up I feel like I am setting myself up for immediate failure.  You just get so excited and set the bar high that it’s just going to be the best time ever.  Then you’re worried about making everyone else happy and you just have such high expectations.  I’m so guilty of this and then I’m like ehh wasn’t as fun as I thought. 

There’s just something about unplanned weekends.  You have zero expectations, other than you think all you are doing is sitting on the couch watching Trueblood.  They're the best and that’s exactly what this weekend was.  These are the times that end up being memorable.  Sometimes I need to take a chill pill and just let life happen and enjoy it. 

When I got home from the office, the bf was like we’re going to a HS basketball game.  I was of course like hell no, I think I’ll just curl up on the couch because it is so miserably cold out.  But, apparently my bf is good.  He ended up getting me to come out to get dinner with friends.  Put a mango margarita and some Mexican in front of me and I’m just the happiest girl ever.  Before I left the office I had tweeted, "Holy Guacamole!  It’s finally the weekend.  Let’s get some chips and start dippin.”  Could I get any cheesier?  Probably.  Anyways, Mexican was clearly on my mind and my bf knows me all too well and how to get me out of sweats. 

He even got me to go to the game, which I watched zero of.  I blame this on the grande margarita because I was chit chatting the whole time.  We all went for drinks at a local bar, we didn’t end up staying long because unfortunately you can smoke in bars here and my lungs were starting to hurt. What is this 1999?

With my friend Linds aka One Shot

Saturday we went to the grocery, which I saved 14 bucks thanks to my mperks and stopped over at Hobby Lobby.  Scrapbooking paper was on sale and this girl is trying to get stocked up on all things scrap booking so I can start getting mine together.  I’m beginning to realize that this is going to be an expensive hoppy.  And because I was on a Mexican kick I made some hooo-made guacamole and chowed down while watching Trueblood.  

We headed 45 minutes North to this amazing farm to fork restaurant, Joseph Dequis.  I’ve talked about this place before.  It’s one of those this is a special date night place and we don’t come often because you will easily spend 200 bucks on just appetizers and drinks.  There special was a $95 steak.  Yea it's that kind of place.  We sat at the bar and enjoyed our unplugged time and chatting with the bartender.  While we were sipping on coffee and liquor drinks a few people showed up from our town that we know.  We ended up staying longer sipping on bourbons, whiskeys and scotchs and somewhere during that time invited them over for breakfast.  One of the guys actually lives in a Frank Lloyed Wright house and he said to just to bring everything over and cook it there.  Sure dude, sounds good to me. 

When we got back home, We did a lot of this...

Stay warm, drive safe and drink a glass of wine.  Also, don't judge. Yes, that is a snuggie.


  1. That house looks amazing! Also adorbs snuggle pics & doggie nose pic!

    Guac is pretty much the way to my heart.

  2. Want that mango margarita in or around my mouth right neow.

    Also, I live for True Blood Sundays on the couch.. so sad this is the last season coming up! :(

  3. I'm such a planner too, and I always set myself up for failure. I love spending my Sundays doing nothing but cuddling my dog. Looks like a nice weekend!

  4. Loved this! You had me at margaritas and guacamole...

  5. I am a major planner as well! My days off this week we are splurging and not planning, and heading to the beach...weird for me! Margarita looks amazing. By the way, your eyebrows look perf!!!

  6. Stop it... puppy snuggles!! My FAVORITE! :D
    I'm with you... unplanned weekends are the absolute best. There's just something about being able to get up and go where you feel like when you feel like it rather than having a damn schedule!

  7. I'm a planner too, but you're right, unplanned weekends are sometimes the best. It looks like you had a great weekend, especially the part where you were cuddling with your puppy in a snuggie!

    Ashley, Married to the Game