Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm Well Prepared For Kids

Guess who decided to show up today? Yup, me.  On Monday I had every intention of posting about my weekend of love but life had other plans.  I was instead hugging the toilet bowl (real cute), laying around, napping, and watching True Blood.  Guess I had some 24 hour thing going on. 

Then I realized what it was going to be like being a parent one day.  Yup, my dogs really are preparing me for the future.  My lil baby Mouse, hates anything bad weather related, I’m talking rain, wind, thunder, lightning, snow, hail.  If it’s not sunny, she doesn’t like it.  She will start freaking out hours before the weather even comes our way.  It really is remarkable how dogs can sense stuff like that.  She shakes, cries, hides in the dark creepy basement in the corner or jumps right on my lap.  I think a lot of this has to do with what happened to her before Phil adopted her.  He found her wondering the streets, scared and alone during a thunderstorm. 

And sometimes you get a butt to the face.
Of course, the bf was away on business Monday night.  She kept me up all night crying because it was balls to the wall windy.  We used to have a thundercoat, which helped a little bit but you know Dragon went through a “I EAT EVERYTHING” phase and well that jacket didn’t stand a chance.  So now I am thinking about taking her to the vet to see what other options we can do to help.  It’s gotten really bad and my heart breaks that she has so much anxiety over bad weather.  She already has a heart murmur and I worry that she is causing even more stress to it. 

So yea I didn’t sleep.  I moved from my bed to the couch to the spare bedroom.  Not to mention that Dragon becomes Ms. Protective when Phil’s gone and sleeps on top of me so no one can get to me.  It’s adorable.  It makes sleeping really hard though.  At work my number one priority was not to fall asleep at my desk.  So I drank stupid amounts of coffee and I’m not sure if anything I did made sense.  I came home, tore off my work clothes and slipped into jammies, ate and went to bed.  I’m going to be a pro when I have kids someday because I will know what it’s like when you don’t get any sleep and still have to show up to work. 

Anyways back to the love fest of a weekend.  Now, Phil really isn’t a romantic guy but I am a super mush lush, cheese ball, hopeless romantic, whatever you want to call it.  He’s not into the whole Valentines thing but because he knows I just love, love and I think that fact that it was our 1 year of living together anniversary he stepped up his game a little bit.  He straight up shocked me by sending flowers to my office.  I didn’t expect it because I just know that’s not his thing.  I was rocking the cheese ball smile all day.  I couldn’t wait to get home to see him.  When I got home the house was cleaned, the table was moved in front of the fireplace and candles were lit all over the house.  It was really sweet. 

I was excited to give him his card because inside I had wrote him my first ever love letter.  Which, totally isn’t his thing but I knew he would love it anyways.  Everyone last week had been posting “We work because…” and I didn’t feel like posting it for everyone but instead just wanted it to be between us.  So that’s what a majority of the letter consisted of, why we work.  Don’t tell anyone but he even got a little teary eyed.  I prepared the same meal we had last year and hope to make this a new tradition of ours.  I have to say though my cooking got way better in a year.  Phewwww.   We sat for a good hour in a half talking about our dreams and the future.  I love when we talk about us, the future and the fact that we can talk about this stuff and both feel the same way.    It is these moments that I love the most.  Afterwards we cozied up on the couch and watched three episodes of House of Cards.  We claimed this as an “our show” thing.  It was a simple and laid back night but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. 

Saturday morning, I got my butt to the gym.  Day 4 at the gym for the week.  Friends, I reached my goal.  Afterwards my friend twisted my arm to go get our nails painted, it wasn’t really a twist at all more of a what color should I get them? 

When I got back I got all ready to head down to Indy for our date night.  I even bought lipstick.  I haven’t warn lipstick since middle school.  I have to say I kind of like it.  We made a pit stop at my brothers first and played with my niece and nephew.  These two, always put a smile on my face.  My nephew is just talking about a storm.  But he talks so fast and quiet that I feel like a terrible aunt because I have no idea what he is saying.  I might also add that I was that Aunt that left lipstick marks all over my pour niece and nephews face. 

Afterwards we went for hookah, which is something we don’t do often but enjoy it every once in a while.  At 7 we met up with friends for dinner at 1933.  It’s right in downtown, Indianapolis and is part of St. Elmo’s Steakhouse.  They are known for the best Shrimp cocktail.  I happen to love their Lemon Drops and I might have enjoyed them a little too much that night.  We got our favorite spot in front of the fireplace.  It was so nice catching up with them and enjoying a night out.

I’m embarrassed to admit that the bf and I spent wasted 10 hours on Sunday watching House of Cards.  We completely finished the entire second season in one weekend.  We also learned that we both have no self-control what so ever.  What we should have done was drag it out so we could enjoy it, I mean at least make it last 2 weeks.  Nope, we just watched and watched and watched till it was all finished.  Now we have an entire year to wait for the new season to come out.  I did not shower, I didnt even think about getting out of my pj's, nor did I move from the couch.  

Did anybody else waste their weekend watching House of Cards?


  1. It sounds like you had a great weekend. Way to go with the Valentine's Day surprises Phil! I haven't seen House of Cards yet, but my fiance really wants to start watching it.

  2. We just started that show!! Love it so far.

    Sounds like a good weekend, you guys look so cute!! :)

    Hope you find something that works for Mouse. I know that sucks to see your pup scared!

  3. We only got to the first episode, but holy smokes, it was a shocker!!!

  4. but how do you look so cute at the gym?! not fair

  5. I've seriously heard SO much about House of Cards. Gosh I want to watch it so badly. The problem is, I'm already addicted to Netflix. Right now we're watching The Following. We started it on Sunday and are half way through. I can't think of anything else outside of work. It's a problem

  6. I love that you kept your "why we work" private. :) I'm going to add House of Cards to my Netflix queue... god, I'm never going to leave the damn couch again.

  7. Nicely done Phil! We did the first season of Homeland the same way as your House of Cards.