Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Happy One Year Anniversary Dragon

A year ago on Saturday Phil and I added the newest member to our lil family and of course we celebrated.  We have no idea actually how old she is so we decided to make this her "birthday."  We do know she is around 1 and half in human years.  It was an exciting day.  Dragon and I started the morning with a run along the river.  It was our first outdoor run of 2014, so we were both really happy to get outside. Dragon did a lot better than I did as I was huffing and puffing about 3 minutes in but she kept me going.  

The rest of the afternoon Dragon spent it with Phil while I was having a girls lunch with my friend down in Indy.  I can't really say what they did but I think it had some lounging around, cleaning and vodka involved. Either way it was bonding time while Mom was out for the day.  

When I got back home I made Pork Chops, Thyme Potatoes, and Lemon Asparagus.  While that was cooking I whipped up a Carrot Peanut Butter Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting and homemade Sweet Potato Bones for Dragon and Mouse.  I have to say this is the first time I have made a dog cake and for just doing it last minute it came out pretty flippin good if I do say so! 

We attempted to put her princess hat on but she was of course being a diva and didn't want anything to do with it.  We brought her cake out and sat her at the table.  She would not look at the cake.  I swear she thought it was a trap because she knows she isn't supposed to eat at the table.  We were cracking up.   My girl is smart and wasn't fallin for it.  So after our photo shoot we put the cake on the floor and Mouse and Dragon had at it.   I had to take it away from them because they were straight up inhaling it.  I didn't want to be up all night with sick pups.  This recipe is pup-approved.  

If you are interested in the recipe I've included it at the bottom of the post.

I'll never forget the day we first saw Dragon or Zara as they called her at the Kennel.  She was the prettiest thing I had ever seen.  We left that day with no dog until I begged and begged Phil that this dog would be perfect for us.  We went back on February 22, 2013 and officially adopted her. :)

Sure, Dragon didn't make it easy for us in the beginning and if you are new to these parts then you should probably catch up here.  But after finally learning to trust us and with a lot of hard work she has become the best dog we could ask for.  We love you so much Dragon! 


  1. That is the cutest thing! Our dogs wouldn't eat cake right away either, we'd probably have to actually put it in their bowls. Such a cute idea though. Happy Birthday to Dragon

  2. Happy birthday Dragon! I can't get over how funny those pictures are of her sitting at the table --she definitely thinks it's a trap!

  3. Happy Birthday Dragon!! Love this and glad we're not the only ones who have parties for our pups! :)

  4. so i know that cake is supposed to be for dogs, but it sounds good is that wrong?

  5. Happy Birthday Dragon! What a lucky girl getting a tasty birthday cake!

  6. Happy anniversary to Dragon! Hers is spoiled!!!!! :)

  7. Aw, I love that you made a cake! That is so awesome :)