Monday, February 3, 2014

My Dogs Like to Play Dress Up

Why is it Monday already?  I swear I feel like I was just at work.  So yes I’m sad it’s Monday and I would much rather be running around getting into shenanigans with the bf.  And can we talk about how pathetic that game was last night.  Good thing I only watched the commercials. 

After work on Friday, Philly and I went out for drinks and dinner.  It was extra special because we were unplugged and really had some good conversations.  We have been including unplugged every day.  Usually, it’s at bed time but as long as we make a conscious effort, I’m totally good with it. Catch up here about going unplugged.

We reflected on the year and that we are happy it’s over.  It was a roller coaster of a year.  It was amazing but it was also a year of change and growing for the both of us.  Last January Philly took over the family businesses as President. When we met he was transitioning into the roll.  With that comes a lot of stress.  So sure there were times that it was hard on our relationship but I am so glad I was by his side through all of it.  I feel that if we made it so early on in our relationship during a stressful time that we can get through anything together. It made us stronger both individually and in our relationship.  

After three glasses of wine, we were heading out the door and then ran into a couple that we sort of, errr, I had no idea who they were.  Two extra glasses of wine later and my voice increasing, it was time to get home.  I’m loud to begin with but add a few glasses of wine and I’m pretty sure the whole town can hear what I am saying. 

Saturday morning, I forced myself to clean up the house.  I’ve been neglecting it big time and feel like the worst girlfriend ever.  Thankfully, the bf helped me too and with a hangover.  He gets bonus points for sure.  The parts came in for our washing machine and the repair men came early to fix it.  I now, no longer have to wear dirty clothes.  “Ya filthy animal”!  Just kidding I wasn’t wearing dirty filthy clothes but I do love that movie, it’s probably one of my favorite scenes.  

At lunch time, we drove down to Indianapolis.  Whenever we head down to Indy we stop at the Midland Antique Mall.  I can’t count how many times we have been there, yet haven’t purchased a single thing.  Except of course, this beauty.  I mean, I couldn’t resist. I can't wait to put this in my family room.   It just simply speaks for itself.  

I’m totally kidding.  I had you going though, didn’t I?   So many questions.  Are Elvis lamps a thing and do people actually have these in their house? Please say no.

We drove up to the mall and did some shopping.  I had some gift cards and wanted to use them up.  I am now the new owner of this fabulous trench coat, 4 new pairs of underwear, and 2 VS bras that actually fit me.  I have been wearing the wrong bra size for years and can’t tell you how much better it is to have a bra where you don’t have side boob.  Cause it’s not cute.

We stopped for appetizers and drinks at Cheesecake factory.  They make the best Pineapple Mojito , go try it like now if you haven’t.  We caught the 5:15 showing of American Hustle, which I honestly wasn’t that impressed with.  It was good but it was slow.  I didn’t feel like there were any huge big exciting parts.  Also, I didn’t think Christian Bale could ever look ugly but guess what? He totally can.  The comb over?  Really dude.  But I did think he played the part really well. 

And yes, if you follow me on instragram you learned that I played dress up with my dogs on Sunday.  I don’t think I am normal.  I was getting a kick out of it though so it’s a win. 

Dragon in a black and white 3/4 length sleeve dress.

Mouse wearing the perfect shirt/dress for Summer.  See the Summer Catalog for prices and sizes.  

Then I wasted the rest of the afternoon looking at tattoos while the bf was trying to recover from his hangover from Friday!  Can you tell we are getting old?

We brought Dragon over to our friends’ house late Sunday to watch the super bowl game and consume a lot of food.  Mouse isn’t a social butterfly like Dragon so we kept her home.  Dragon and her friend Bella had a tiny disagreement about who was going to play with this one particular bone.  Of course there were 9 other bones they could play with.  Dragon hasn’t quite learned to share yet and Bella wanted to nibble on the bone for a little while.  This wasn’t going to happen.  A few battle wounds and a 15 minute time out later, neither one of them were allowed toys.  Hopefully they both learned their lesson to share.  Can’t let a stupid fight over a toy ruin a friendship.  Hopefully a walk with these two and they will be back to being playful, wild biffles!

Anyways, that’s my weekend in a nut shell.   Oh yea and Happy February! 


  1. Your dogs are hysterical. My Dogs would never go for dress-up!

    I <3 date nights and being unplugged. I've been good at leaving my phone off the table when we go out lately. It really opens up a whole other area for conversation. Have a great week!

  2. the puppies are the cutest. almost as cute as that lamp

  3. I can't decide what I like more... the unplugged or the puppies. Probably the puppies. Puppies always win. :) :P

  4. I recognize that sad, embarrassed look on those dog's faces. It's the same one my dog gives me every time I try to dress him up. lol. They are too cute!!