Monday, December 16, 2013

Festive Filled Weekend


The snow didn't stop me this weekend!  It all started on Friday at 11:30 with my office Christmas lunch.  This was awesome because a. Duhh I love food. b. It was free. c. I had steak. d. The office was closed for the rest of the day. e. Did I mention that we got dessert too? 

I was excited to get home and relax with my pups for a few hours before the bf got home.  The dogs did not let me sleep though, I think they were to excited at the fact that I was home at 2:30 in the afternoon on a friday.  I really really really needed to get my eyebrows threaded as it was almost a must because I couldn't look at the caterpillars that were crawling across my face any more.  There was a line and I ended up getting sucked into Bath and Body Works and buying myself 2 candles that were totally unnecessary but justified it by saying that we will need these if the power goes out.  So it was all good.

By the time I got home it was time to pour myself a glass of wine and get ready for the bf's companies Christmas Party.  What was fun about this party was that the theme of the party was Christmas Movie Characters.  Philly and I dressed up as Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas!  I was rather disappointed in the amount of people that didn't dress up.  I mean office parties tend to be stiff and uptight and the bf wanted to create a fun atmosphere for everyone to unwind and have fun.  My bf has taken on a lot this year and I am so proud of everything he is doing.  

Ran into Cousin Eddy and had fun playing the "Paper Plate" Game!
For those that have never played the paper plate game.  You put the paper plate on your head and they ask you to draw a bunch of stuff.  We had to draw a floor, a Christmas tree with ornaments, a star on the top, a fireplace and mantel, and a present under the tree.  You get points for different things.  Mine is the one in the center picture.  Actually it's not half bad considering I am a terrible artist to begin with.  

I had a hair appointment down in Indy, yes I still drive an hour in a half to get my hair done because I absolutely love my girl Brenna.  She knows her shit and just is awesome.  I have been talking with her about my hair loss due to my thyroid issue.  I've been super bummed out about it lately, especially since I've been trying to grow my hair out.  She recommended an energizing natural treatment by davines.  

Since so many people e-mailed me about having thyroid related issues I thought I would share with you what she recommended.  First off I love that these products are paraban and sulfate free. Together the products stimulate the growth of new hair while also helping your existing hair to be healthier and stronger.  

It consisted of a detox shampoo to free the hair from build up and also has caffeine to stimulate growth and a moisturizing conditioner, both done in the shower.  When you get out, towel dry your hair.  The next step is to evenly distributed the Energizing Superactive on the scalp and massage it in till it absorbs.  This is to help with hormone related hair loss.  The last step is to apply the Energizing Lotion just like the Superactive serum.  These products stay in your hair, you don't rinse them out.   All these products give you a tingly, warm and fuzzy sensation.  Its nice. :) For the first month you do this hair regime every other month and on opposite days you are not to wash your hair, but you can get it wet.  The second month it switches to twice a week. The third month you stop using the products completely and shampoo and condition with your normal everyday product.  Feel free to check out the website and talk to your hair dresser if this is something you want to look into because I am by no means a professional on this stuff.  

Since  I was down in Indy I figured it would be nice to meet up with my old rooms.  I haven't seen her much at all since I have moved out of Indy.  We met up at our favorite spot, Black Acre, which happened to be right across the street from our old apartment.  You can bet I spent a lot of time here after work when I was living in the area.  It was so good to catch up with her.  Her and I didn't leave on the best terms when we both moved out.  

Reasons why we left on bad terms
1.  A lot of it had to do with the fact that we lived in a shoe box and were constantly on top of one another and didn't have a place to go to be alone. Even if we were in our rooms and shut the door you could still hear everything. 
2.  We worked different schedules.  She had to be up between 3:30-4 am and was in bed at 7:30-8pm every night.  I left for work at 7 and would get home around 6:30.  You can see how this could be a problem.
3.  Our communication sucked.  
4.  We were both stressed.
5.  I had some personal stuff going on that I didn't share with her till later and I think had I been more open and honest she wouldn't have been so frustrated with me.  

Anyways I think we hashed it out and got past it all and still want to remain friends. I think the best thing was to let time pass a little and then talk about it.  We have New Years Eve plans together with the bf and friends so I am excited about that!

I headed back home to the bf because I missed him.  We really don't get away from one another or do things separately enough and we both think its important to spend some time apart and that it is okay.  We decided to stay home, snuggle, drink lots of wine and watch 30 Rock.  We even decided to get out and take the pups for a walk and enjoy some of the snow we got.  One of my favorite things about the winter is taking night walks, there is just something about the air, its so crisp.  I just love it.  


I might have woken up with a slight wine headache.  I might have had 2 bottles of wine to myself the night before.  I might have spent most of Sunday on the couch catching up on my tv shows while the bf went into work.  I might have taken a 2 hour nap.  Okay, you got me, all those "might haves" definitely happened.  

The good part was I wasn't a complete waste of life because we had dinner plans with friends to go to this place called "A Summer Place."  It's this cute lil 1950's town.  We ate at the diner and had burgers, fries, and a banana split.  After dinner we walked over to the lil theater and watched The Polar Express.  I'm so glad our friends invited us to this because I mean it was so out of the norm.  We always spend our Sunday nights watching 60 mins.  It was nice to change up the routine.  

So that was my fun filled holiday festive weekend! How did you spend yours? :)

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  1. We played the paper plate game at our holiday party too! It was hysterical... except one of my friends finished with a PERFECT picture - it was crayyyy.

  2. I love your costumes! :)

    Winter walks are the best - so quiet and peaceful.

  3. going to be really honest with you when i saw your insta of your costume the other day it scared the shittttt out of me. i mean you did well, but damn #frightening

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