Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Things That Make Me Want To Punch A Baby

I currently just ate my body weight at my Office Pot Luck and got to thinking about things that drive me bonkers.  Not really sure why that popped into my head but it did.

Everyone has their pet peeves, those little annoying things that just erk the hell out of you.  They just drive you over the edge.  It's silly really but something just triggers your brain and you suddenly just turned into the worlds most pissed of person.  And some times they make you so mad you want to punch a baby.  Okay, I'm just kidding with that last part, I would never punch a baby!  

1. People Who Are Late

My number 1 pet peeve is people that are late.  Hey, shit happen's sometimes, I get it.   It's when you do it all the time, are 3 hours late, don't let the person know that you are running late and lie about the fact that you haven't even left your house yet.  If you tell somebody 6 o'clock it doesn't mean oh maybe I should get ready now.  It' means, be at your agreed upon destination at 6 o'clock.  Time is precious and no offense but I don't want to spend my time waiting around for you when I could be doing something else.  I guess it's more of the waiting that I can't stand more than anything.  

One of my best friends, who I love to pieces, fits in this category.  Sophomore year she lived in the apartment upstairs from me.  Trying to go somewhere on time with her is absolutely not possible. True life: I would be showered, dressed, face and hair done, and have a full belly and I would walk upstairs and she would be sitting in her towel, NOT even showered yet!!!  OMG What are doingggggggg?  I finally learned to immediately come up after I showered to make sure she got her ass in gear.

2. Slurping

Are you trying to have on the attention on you?  I'm trying to read my twitter feed and when you start slurping in my ear, that is all I can focus on! Manners 101 people.  This is something that has bothered me for as long as I remember.  It's like nails on a chalkboard.  

3. People Who Don't Use Turn Signals

You remember that lever that is right by your steering wheel that lets others know where you are going? Ya, use it!  Now is not the time to be lazy!  Driving is such a scary things these days and when people just weave in and out with no signal and are just straight up assholes, its like where are the cops?  I'm not afraid to honk and then flick people off when they due stupid things while they are driving.  So you can bet if you don't use your turn signal, you are going to most definitely get the flipping the bird sign.  #Sorryimnotsorry I'ts the Rules of the Road.

4. People Who Don't Clean Up Their Dogs Poo 

Next time your dog poops on my lawn and you don't pick it up I'm going to come over to your house and shit right on your living room floor.  Maybe think about cleaning up your dogs shit next time.  Part of owning a dog means you take care of them and pick up after them.  It's rude and lazy.  I don't like to clean up poop either, especially when it's still warm but hey, grab a plastic bag and suck it up. 

5. People Who Eat With Their Mouths Open

Are you a barn animal?  I do not want to see what you are eating, nor do I want to hear it.  Close your mouth.  Again, Manners 101 people.  It's rude. It's gross.  Just don't do it.  I'll cut ya some slack if you have a major head cold but other than that go outside if you are going to chomp your food.


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  1. I've done a few posts like these... apparently there's a lot that pisses me off. That turn signal though... Every damn time. Really just bad drivers in general.

  2. Yes all of the above! Or when someone just leave their blinker on for 5 miles. Turn or turn it off!!!

  3. Ok, so complete COINCIDENCE! We may be the same person! Both of us are named Megan/Meghan, both of us posted about pet peeves today, and both of us have very similar ones! How crazy! I literally JUST PUBLISHED my post then switched over to BlogLovin to catch up and saw your post. How awesome...or creepy? Either way, crazy coinky-dink!


  4. These 5 things absolutely driver me crazy too!

  5. i HATE it when people try and cut you off from the right lane. like they zoom past you thinking they are going to get in ahead of you. hell and no. i will speed up to not let you in. dbag