Thursday, December 26, 2013

Let's Take a Little Vacation

Oh hey Bloglandia, I'm currently soaking up some sweet sunshine in St. Thomas right now. It's my last day here since I'll be heading home tomorrow so I'm going to go live it up as much as I can. That means I'm going to go play on the beach instead of play on my blog and that's exactly why I have Kristin taking over for me.


Hello everyone!  I'm Kristin & I blog over at Crumbs & Curls.  I'm so jealous that Meg is in St. Thomas!  It is a well deserved trip though, so I am also happy for her.  I cannot wait to hear about all of the fun she has on vacation, but until then I'm taking over for the day & am going to share a few of the places I want to go.  I've never been out of the country before (thankfully I've made it to quite a few states, even as far as Hawaii!), I love traveling though & really want to explore the world.  Here are 5 places I need to go, & a little surprise at the end!

1. France
It has been my dream to go here since forever.  I literally want to explore every inch of this country.  There is something about France that is just so glamorous & romantic, which makes it my #1 place I want to go.

2. Italy
I am Italian & love Italian food.  I need to go here to explore & eat my heart out.

3. England
I want to go to England to see London & to get lost in the English country side.  Also I love the Royal Family (specifically Kate Middleton) & would love to catch a glimpse in person!

4. Switzerland
Every time I see pictures of Switzerland it looks like quaint European winter village that would be amazing to visit.

5. Spain
One of my good friends studied abroad here & never wanted to leave, when she told me about her trip I knew I had to go someday.

And the big surprise is

I'm going to Greece this summer!  I just (like a few days ago) got my acceptance letter for a 6 week study abroad program there & am ecstatic.  Greece seems like such an amazing place, I have always wanted to go & it would be on my top 5 if I wasn't already heading there.  I know a few girls that went on last year's trip & they said it was the best experience of their lives & I cannot wait to be there!  I only have 5 months to wait for all of this gorgeousness:
Well that's all I have for today, make sure to pop over to Crumbs & Curls to see what I have going on!  Thanks Meg for letting me takeover, & thank you to you guys for reading!  I just have one last thing, what are your travel destinations?
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  1. Greece?! Oh my gosh I am so jealous. What a great opportunity for you! So glad I just found both of your blogs. Can't wait to read more and follow your adventures. P.S Paris is to die for.

    xo. Kailagh