Friday, December 6, 2013

1st Annual MeghaPhil Friendsgiving

The last couple of week have been flipping crazy.  I could not have been more busy both professionally and personally last couple of weeks and top it off with a thyroid issue that makes you have no energy.  I'm still trying to recover from everything.  Seriously, the week that I have a lot going on at home work is busier than it ever has been.  I guess that's just how the cookie crumbles as Jim Carry would say. 

I have been wanting to throw a dinner party for quite some time and since my family lives in New York and Florida and the bf's family is off cruisin on their yacht (yea i'm jealous) Friendsgiving seemed like the perfect time to throw one. Plus I've wanted to cook a Turkey because it just seems totally adult like, which made my 101 Things in 1001 Days List.  Last month I did a blog switch with my girl Kristin over at Crumbs and Curls and talked about the theme that I was going for.  

For weeks I had been planning and prepping to get everything ready.  And damn is it a lot of work!  I've never done anything like this and I was constantly like what da fuck am a doing?  Cause I didn't have a damn clue but I made it fun.  I didn't want to be super stressed out and not have enjoy myself, cause that's just lame sauce.  

Things I found helpful while putting on this event

1.  Organize - My weeks of prep and organization really paid off.  I found on the actual day I was rather calm and everything was really easy going.  Of course the 30 minutes before all the food was to go out I was a crazy person but ya know other than that it was fine.  Get your recipes together a few weeks before, write out a shopping list, make a spreadsheet of who's bringing what, go shopping for non perishable things the weekend before and make your bf go get the produce a few days before hand. 
2.  You don't need to do everything! - Each guest/couple was to bring a hot dish or dessert to share.  I don't have that kind of room to store food for 12 people and my lil 60's stove just cant handle that kind of craziness.    
3.  Make things ahead of time!  I made my two different stuffings/dressings whatever your neck of the woods calls it, cranberry sauce, and pie the night before.  I also decided to brine my turkey so I got that all ready to go so it could soak in the salty water all night.  
4.  Let your friends help.  There's no point in stressing your self out, its supposed to be fun so when your friends offer to help, let them.  I couldn't have done this without them, they were such a huge help and added to the fun. 

The boyfriend wasn't much help on the actual day, he needed a lot lil guidance but everything I asked him to do he did.  His jobs were more of the prep like things like go to the store,  pick up the table and chairs, stay out of my way and keep my wine glass full type thing. My friends were a big help and came early to help set up and see if I needed any help!  

Friends started arriving at 6 and I had a spread of appetizers to keep everyone tied over till the turkey was ready.  I had made Sweet and Spicy Chicken wrapped in bacon (which was a huge hit! If anyone wants the recipe let me know and I can e-mail it to you), Jam & Brie Bites, Blue Cheese Pecan Bites, and a Cider Sangria.  I few of my friends brought some things to munch on as well including Taco Dip, Spinach Dip and Deviled Eggs.  It was all so yummy!

We finally were ready to eat sometime after 8, honestly i'm not even sure what time it was.  A friend said a prayer, we passed the amazing food around, I've got to say I'm rather impressed with everyone's cooking, went around and gave thanks, and shared many laughs.  I barley even ate anything because I had snacked SO MUCH ALL DAY.  The worst part of it all was the fact that I DON'T have a dishwasher and I had to wash every single dish by hand! Gahhhh.  But lots of people chipped in and helped this girl out.  My hands looked like an 80 year olds but other than that I survived.  

We finished the evening off my duh eating more and this time it was dessert and playing games.  After a few rounds and after every ones stomachs were ready to burst it was time to pass out.  Seriously, I have never been more ready to crawl into bed in my life!    

Even Dragon was all Turkey'd out and ready for bed!

My favorite parts of Friendsgiving:

1.  Taking the Turkey out of the Oven.  Folks I cooked a fricken turkey.  OMG! :)  I feel like an adult now.  

2.  Phil carving the Turkey.  It just was cute to see us putting on an event together and can picture future events like this.  Love this guy of mine so much. 

3.  Giving thanks.  Everyone went around the table and said the things they were thankful for and it just was super special and I am so blessed to be around such a great group of friends.

4.  The photo booth/background.  It was such a fun way to take pictures with the bf and friends!.  I think everyone else enjoyed it as well. 

5.  The decorations.  Not only was it fun to plan but it was fun to get all diy like and see my vision come to life.  

So my friends there you have it the 1st Annual MeghaPhil Friendsgiving, a tradition that I hope we can keep for many years! Did anybody else host a friendsgiving this year?


  1. Love it! Especially the part about Phil staying out of your way and keeping your wine glass full. Bravo my friend, you nailed it!

  2. So so cute! :) We had our first ever friendsgiving this year too- but so many people cancelled on us last minute- boo! I looove all your decor and props to you on the turkey!!!

  3. Love this. looks like it was a success too :)

  4. That looks awesome! The table looks really great girl. Good job!!