Thursday, April 3, 2014

32 Things That Make Me Happy!

I’ve been in a real for real funk lately.  I needed something to slap me out of this sour puss mood and thanks to my IRL Best Friend, Erin she got me thinking about all the things that make me happy and I’m instantly back in the happy lands.

1.  I’m going to go ahead and say it, Phil.  I’m darn thankful to have this guy in my life because he makes it so much better.
2.  A clean house. 
3.  Bubble baths.
4.  My pups, especially when they snuggle.  Not to mention I think they are hilarious, I mean common my dog watches TV and plays dress up.  If that doesn’t make you happy then I don’t know you.

5.  When all the laundry is done and put away.
6.  The sunshine. 
7.  Music.  
8.  That fact that I will get to see my mom in a little over a week!  Yayyyy.

9.  Breakfast in bed.  This doesn’t happen often but when it does it means the world to me.  It always seems to happen when I least except but need it the most.  Bravo Phil.
10.  My friends.  Even if it’s just a telephone conversation.  I love them to pieces and just being able to talk to them on the phone puts a smile on my face.

11.  Crème Brulee.  Best. Dessert. Ever.  Strawberry Shortcake is up there too.  It’s like heaven after one spoonful.
12.  A hot cup of tea with honey.
13.  Days off.  You don’t know how happy that in 2 weeks and 1 day I have a paid holiday off.  I still can’t decide what I am going to do on that day off but whatever it is, It will be awesome. 
14.  Having workout buddy. 
15.  My niece and nephew.  Seriously anytime I am having a bad day I either Facetime these two or steal them for the weekend.  It’s just instant happiness. 

16.  BBQing.  For one thing bbq meat and vegetables is just 10 times better than baked or sautéed.  Not to mention that the bf is the grill master and that usually means I don’t have to do much in the kitchen.
17.  Elephants.
18.  Getting my hair done.  It’s an instant confidence booster not to mention my hair dresser is the absolute best.  It doesn’t hurt that I get a neck and hand massage during it.  I rarely spend money on myself but I splurge every 10ish weeks getting my hair done. 

19.  Surprises.  Whether its flowers for now reason, a party, coming home to the dishes put away, I just love me some surprises.  But don’t’ tell me you have a surprise for me, I just want to be blindsided.
20.  Car naps.  Yup, you heard that right.  At my previous job I had a 2 hour break and started taking car naps instead of wasting gas and driving home.  Whenever I feel like a need a lil snooze.  I head out to my car, set my alarm, put a scarf over my eyes and pass out for 45 minutes.  I wake up a new woman.

21.  Love. 
22. Taking pictures.  Maybe because it reminds me of my brother, he’s a photographer and the fact I love capturing moments. 
23.  A hot cup of tea with honey.
24.  Pinterest.  
25.  Traveling. 

26.  Water, as in some kind of body of water.  Boating and sunshine just screams summer. 
27.  Walks around the neighborhood with the bf, Mouse and Dragon.
28.  Leggings.  This things just make everything better.  
29.  Looking through old photos back when I was a weee one.  
30.  That feeling when you get to the top of a mountain.  It's such a rush.  
31.  Eating out.
32.  Being with my family.  They are my heart and soul. 

I could keep going because there are a lot of things to be happy about.  What makes you happy?  Link up with Erin and Sarah!

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  1. How did I miss getting my hair done?! Ugh fail. Getting my hair done makes me so happy.

  2. it's crazy how much a clean house makes me happy.

  3. I loved that you put "water." I wouldn't have thought of that, but is there anything better than laying ocean side while the waves lap at your toes? I think not.

  4. I used to take naps in my car, too! Nothing like going back to your desk with a crease on your face from where you bunched up a random backseat hoody to use as a pillow! haha

  5. Hey Meghan! Car naps are the best! I totally agree! And your pups are too cute! xx ;)


  6. LOVE the picture of you getting your hair done! And I'm totally guilty of being a car-napper. I'm such a boring passenger... :)

  7. I agree to so much of this list! Creme brulee is definitely one of the best desserts out there!