Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Two Weekend Recaps!

I'm about to do something crazy....Ready for it?  So I am going to do two weekend recaps in one.  Wow.  Is your mind blown yet?  Okay, sorry it isn't that cool.  I'm behind though and I want to document both last last weekend and last weekends fun-itivities!  I just made that up so just go with it!  

March 29-30

During the work week I was sick with a cold, which I managed to last all winter without getting one and of course spring hits and bam.  By the weekend I was starting to feel better but still not a 100 percent.  I had plans with my niece and nephew and I really didn't want to cancel on them because they were really looking forward to spending the weekend with me.  I couldn't disappoint.  It turns out they had colds to so we were all just a group of sickies.  

Saturday morning I picked them up bright and early and we went straight to the Muncie Childrens Museum, which is about 40 minutes outside from where I live.  But my town doesn't have anything remotely as cool.  We spent most of the morning and into the early afternoon running around here.  The best part of it was seeing them so excited.  My lil man, Liam loved the big tractor and the telescope/playing doctor while my niece Kayleigh loved the trains and slides!  It's adorable watching them play.  

We went back to my place for a late lunch and tried to entertain them with the little amount of toys I had.  It was pretty easy thought because they loved my dogs. Dogs are easy entertainment for kids. I was running out of things to do though to keep them busy so my friend Lindsay and I took them to Kokomo, 30 minutes away to check out Chuck-e-Chesse.  I haven't been to this place since I was a kid.  And let me tell you something, I WILL NEVER TAKE MY FUTURE KIDS TO CHUCK-E-CHEESE!  That place is terrible in a bout 50 million different ways.  For one thing Liam and Kayleigh were too small and my biggest reason for being against this place is that it is just a straight up free for all.  Parents think this place is a daycare.  Kids are off fending for themselves and most of them are just rude.  One little boy straight up ran over to Liam and pushed him.  I was like where are your parents and he ran away.  Aunt Meg was about to yell at some parents!!! But I simmered down.  Liam loved  the Chuck-e-Cheese car ride that took your picture during it and Kayleigh loved riding the horse. For the most part stayed on those two rides.  

Lindsay and I were hungry so we decided to go to Outback for some dinner.  The kids had been really good all day but I think the combo of not really having a nap and it being semi late, shit just hit the fan.  I understand why parents don't like taking toddlers out to eat.  It was chaos, once the food finally got there though it was a little more manageable!  

And I apologize to my brother and sister in law in advanced if they come home yelling "POOP!"  You can't really see anything in the vidoes but it's all about the laughing in them on our way home from dinner!

On Sunday, after watching Thomas the Train of course, we brought them back to my brother, we were pooped out.  We did a lot of this, you know just falling wherever from exhaustion and laying down. :)

April 4-6
Just this last weekend my best friend Lindsay turned 27!  

On Friday, Phil and I met her for Mango Margaritas and Dinner.  After that, the ladies all met up at a local bar for some drinks.  We ended up staying till 3 am!  Yikes, I haven't been out that late in a while.  I just cant hang with the youngins anymore.  I can't believe I am saying that at 24, but seriously it's hard keeping up and staying out that now these days.  We had a lot of fun and I honestly cant remember the last time I just had a girls night so it was much needed!  

On Saturday I was a complete waste of life.  I spent most of the day, who am I kidding, I spent all of the day between the bathroom and the bedroom.  WORST HANGOVER.  Yea, it will be awhile before I do that again.  I missed out on a fun day in Indy with the bf because I couldn't fathom sitting in the car for an hour and half.  boo.  I did spend to catch up on all my shows though.  

On Sunday, I took the boyfriend out for breakfast to try to make up for totally blowing our fun day.  I even took the dogs to Phil's parents to go running so he could have some of they day alone reading a book.  Mouse is so fast, we should have named her Bullet.  It's funny because Dragon tries to keep up but she ends up flipping because she is running her little heart out and her legs give out!

Tired out pups equals mission accomplished! :)

Phew.  Two weekends in one post is a lot!  I didn't want to miss out on sharing about my weekend with my niece and nephew, friends birthday fun and of course throwing in something about the pups. 


  1. There is absolutely nothing worse than Chuck E Cheese. Nothing! You brave soul.

  2. Chuck E Cheese is a war zone, but there's nothing like spending time with your niece and nephew!

  3. Being an Aunt is the absolute BEST!!!!!!!! I love spending time with my little, too!!! :)