Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Sunday + Pup Pictures

Can I go back to Chicago?  But seriously.  I know I kind of went picture crazy on my last post but when I say I had 600 pictures I really did.  I'm actually pretty proud of the fact that I narrowed it down as much as I did!  

On Easter Sunday when we got back from Chicago we went over to Phil's parents house for dinner.  His dad grilled ribs and his mom made potato salad and corn.  To top it off it was 75 degrees and flipping amazing out.  His dad makes da best ribs, I couldn't stop eating them. 

I brought over my camera and since the dogs had stayed at their grandparents house, I thought they would be the perfect models to try to get a hang of this camera.  Mouse ended up not being so great because she runs too flippin fast. Dragon was actually exhausted from playing outside all day and cooperated more than she usually does.  Winning!

^This face kills me!

Parker, Phils Parent's dog. 

And I think I just might want to be a Pet Photographer...Yup, I think I just found my new hobby.  Taking pictures and getting to play with puppies, I mean holy fire balls those are two of my favorite things!  I think I should probably start by learning how the heck to use my camera and how to properly take pictures.  I know these photos aren't that great and photography worthy but shoot it's my first weekend with this thing so of course I have no clue. If you know any great sites and tutorials let me know.  I've been pinning like it's my second job.  I hope to take a class one of these days but that probably wont happen right away.  Also for all you camera experts, what a solid lens you would recommend?  I've got an 18-55 mm 1:3.5-5.6G lens and am looking at getting a second one. 

Happy Wednesday & Happy Puppy Cuteness Overload! 


  1. Those pups are too cute! I love some puppy pics.. brightens the day right up!

  2. ahaha that one picture kills me too! so derpy! love it :) you would be a great pet photographer!

  3. now i am hungry for ribs and it isn't even 9 am here!

  4. I'm not sure we are looking at the same pictures because I think these are GREAT. You could totally be a pet photographer :)

  5. Doggy pictures are my favorite kind o pictures! :) <3

  6. These photos are amaazzzinggg! Last year I got myself the Tamron 28-75mm - f/2.8 macro lens and I love it. Super great for those up close photos, lets in so much light!
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  7. That one pic is like "I'm trying to look regal, but failing" love it! Pet photography sounds like it would be sich a happy career path :)

  8. I think I love your dogs! They are too funny! I'm your newest bloglovin follower! Just wanted to say hello from my blog over at if you ever wanna swing by! -Phoebe