Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hump Day Confessions

It's hump day and I have been meaning to jump on this whole Hump Day Confession thing.  I've got a lot on my mind and today couldn't be more perfect to confess.  

I confess that I haven't worn deodorant in over two months.  I don't do this on purpose and admit it's pretty fucking gross especially since I workout 4 days a week. But since it's been so cold I don't really need it.  I usually am a regular deodorant applier but somehow it just got lost in my morning routine. Besides, it does keep the creeps away.  Okay, okay I'll go put deodorant on.

I confess that my car is a mess.  I could seriously live out of the thing.  It's a moving closet/fridge.  But I mean I do commute to work so I spend a lot of time in my car.  I've got coats, scarfs, boots, cups, spoons, wrapping paper, gosh you name it and I probably have it in my car.  It's gross.  I'm actually embarrassed to have people in my car.  Thankfully it is starting to get warmer out so I will NEED to spend the day cleaning it.  

I confess that I get scared when I am home alone.  I'm so used to having Phil home that I just feel safer when he is home.  I let Dragon sleep with me in bed when he's gone and she usually sleeps on top of me because I swear she knows I'm scared.  Pup, knows how to protect.  She's a keeper.

I confess that I need a weekend away from my Town/Indiana.  Either one of those would be fine.  It’s no secret that I don’t love the area that I live in but it makes it all worth it because I get to be close to Phil.  And it is growing on me but getting away just helps my sanity because I love new places and trying out different restaurants.  I mean we all know how much I love food. 

I confess that I am freaking out about turning 25 this month.  Yes, I know it’s not old but for some reason I’m really struggling with turning 25.  It’s one of those big milestone ages, you’ve been on this earth for a quarter of a century, like ahhhhhh!  I’m really a grown up.  Maybe it’s because growing up I thought I would have my life figured out by now and well, I am nowhere near close.  And not to mention I am getting wrinkles around my eyes!  I am not okay with this.  I probably won’t be one of those people that embraces getting older.  Keep me young please, k thanks!  Where are the youth fountains?

I confess that I haven’t been making much effort with this blog of mine.  With being sick and just exhausted lately when I get home I just have zero motivation to do anything.  Take last night for instance.  I went to the grocery right after work, got home at 7 and by the time I unloaded everything, made dinner, ate and washed the dishes it was 9 o’clock!  I just went straight to bed. And on other nights I workout and get home at the same time and go through the same routine.  How do people do it all?  

Back in the day with the sister when grocery shopping was actually fun!

I confess that I am upset that my brother Sean announced his engagement/marriage via Facebook before telling anyone in the family and on April Fools day.  I legit thought it was a sick joke, like who would fall for that one.  But come to find out it is somewhat true.  I mean somewhat true in that the marriage part was a joke but they really did get engaged.  Who puts that on Facebook on April Fools if it’s true?  It’s just a rule, you don’t do that.   I’m sad as a sister that he wouldn’t share the news with me via the phone (he lives in NY).  I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so upset.  And of course I am happy for them.  It means the world to me to see him in such a good and happy place in his life.  Have a mentioned I haven’t met her? Okay, so I haven’t mentioned that yet, so yea I haven’t met her yet because they have only been dating for a few months!  I’m in shock.  I honestly don’t know what to think or say.  Am I being selfish for feeling this way?  

Here's to letting it out there.  Now go link up with Kathy @ Vodka and Soda for Hump Day Confessions! 


  1. i haven't worn deodorant in years. don't judge. i don't need it; i rarely sweat there and i don't smell. i've even asked my husband to take a whiff just to be sure.

    also, turning 25 was a big deal for me too. not sure why since i'm now 38 and turning 38 wasn't a big deal...but 25 was.

    thanks for linking up!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. Hey Meghan! I am with ya, an announcement like that on Afd via FB is pretty hard to swallow. I would be just as upset. Just sayin. xo


  3. I have been waiting for the weather to warm up so I can clean out my car. It's been MONTHS!

  4. My blog was neglected last week too. There was just too much else to do... like watch the rain and catch up on Walking Dead before the finale... right? Glad to see your back in full swing.

    Happy Wednesday.

  5. I cried like a baby when I turned 25. That's a quarter of a century totally worth crying over.

  6. i still sometimes get scared when i'm home alone ... i turn on just about every light in the house and play loud music haha

  7. brother's name is Shawn and I also found out on FB he was engaged. Seriously.

    And...I still get freaked out being home alone, every noise is OMG A SERIAL KILLER

  8. i get scared when i sleep at home alone, so you are not the only one. i always assume i am going to be the next criminal minds episode

  9. Well well well, I just love this post. You're getting the hang of this blogging thing and I'm so proud!

  10. I would be hurt if I found out via facebook, too... I can definitely see where you're coming from. Maybe guys are different when it comes to that kind of thing??
    Uhm... I literally JUST put deodorant on for the first time in MONTHS a few days ago. haha

  11. Happy first Confesh!! My car is a mess too. I keep our house pretty clean but I just can't tackle the car.

    And girl I'm thirty and I'm just now getting life things figured out!!!