Monday, April 28, 2014

Little Bit Of Everything

This weekend was pretty random much like myself.  Since we celebrated my birthday last weekend in Chicago we didn't do a whole lot this weekend "birthday" worthy.  I knew I would have a busy weekend following and with the bf going out of town for a week and a half we both didn't feel like doing a whole lot.  Because I am a "lister" this post wouldn't be complete without being in list form.  

1.  Treat yo self:  This is the one thing that I did this weekend that was actually birthday worthy.  I had stopped to see Phil's half sister Whitney and she invited me for lunch and pedicures with her daughter and lil baby Ryan.  I don't typically do the whole manicure and pedicure thing often because I can't justify spending my money on that regularly.  But it is nice and so relaxing once in a while. And heck I'm going to spoil myself and why not? I mean I am almost a quarter of a century.  Of course I snap chatted with my girls Rachel & Brooke, because my day is just not complete without them.  

2.  Last week I came home to this awesome little package and I knew it was for my birthday but I couldn't wait.  Mary, the bf's sister had sent me THE BEST T-SHIRT ever.  I mean seriously I would/might wear this everyday.  She knows me all too well, thanks Mary!

3.  ^ This is also when I learned I am and will never be a fashion blogger.  Haha.  I would much rather be behind the lens then in front of it.  I not only feel awkward but I straight up look awkward.  Seriously, this is why I never got senior pictures done.  I don't know what I am going to do when it comes to getting engagement and wedding pictures.  I just can't act all naturaaal when there is a camera in my face.  What's up #selfies?!

4.  The bf and I got all green this weekend.  We did yard work and planted a tree!  It all happened so fast.  We made a trip to Lowes to get a watering can and the next thing you know we have a tree sticking out of our sunroof.  I can't wait for it to bloom because it's a Flowering Red Dogwood! :)  This makes me even more excited because I got to cross this off my 101 Things in 1001 Days List.  

Our Burning Bush is sprouting!  We planted this over the fall and our happy to see we didn't kill it!

5.  I finally got around to finishing those DIY projects that I had started a month ago, err maybe longer! I had 3 pallets that I got from Philly's work.  I turned one that actually required two into a platform for Dragons Kennel and the other one into a Shoe Rack for Phil.  There was a lot of sanding and hammering involved.  I kid you not I was sore from all the squatting, hammering and panting. Dragon has ruined our kitchen floor. She has destroyed 2 plastic trays that sit in the bottom of kennels and now has completely ruined the floor.  We need to replace the flooring, which I hope we get around to it this summer because it just looks awful. The platform will hopefully keep her from anymore future flooring destruction and I would rather her destroy this practically free DIY pallet project.  The only thing I paid for was the letters and the gray spray paint for them.  My next project is to sew my own dog bed so she has something comfy to lay on!

6. Ever since the bf got me my camera for my birthday I CANNOT put it down! I discovered this weekend that Dragon might just be the coolest dog ever because she can fly!

7.  A lot of this weekend looked like this and I did not hate it....
I mean there really isn't a lot better than snuggles with your bf and pup! 
The fact that I posted a Weekend Recap on a Monday is a miracle, seriously this stuff just doesn't happen often! :)


  1. So glad you splurged on yourself a little! Mani and pedis always feel so good - but I'm with you, so expensive!!
    LOVE your new shoe rack. We have a lot of pallets at work, too! I should do something crafty with them.

  2. always treat yo' self for your birthday. always!

  3. Bahahah... holy action shot!!!! It's a bird, it's a plane!!!! ;P
    I'm glad you splurged and pampered yourself! You deserve it! :)

  4. Yard work and DIYing in the same weekend?! You are such a productive adult :)

  5. That elephant shirt is awesome and I love bloggers who admit to snap-chatting!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  6. That is a freaking awesome picture of your dog jumping in the air! So glad you got to have a mani and pedi for your birthday. I can never justify spending that money either, but every birthday I make sure it happens as it should!

  7. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! An occasional pedicure is so nice. I am definitely way overdue for one.
    I love how your pallet projects turned out! I have a couple ideas for some pallets but I have to wait until we move.
    Your pup is way too cute! What breed is she?
    Happy belated birthday :D